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Week in Review: Laurels and Darts


Birth Control Business

A survey conducted by the Public Religion Research Institute proves that young adults understand the need for contraception. 71 percent of those surveyed thought that using contraception was morally acceptable and 81 percent wanted all women to have access to contraception. This laurel is for everyone who is not afraid to acknowledge that access to contraception can be life changing for women and their families.

Pollinating The Population

Spring has sprung! While we’re still facing 40 degree weather and gray skies, pollen has begun its annual attack on us all. According to Dr. Catherine Monteleone, an allergist-immunologist at Robert Wood Johnson University Medical Hospital, allergies are actually caused by wind-pollinated plants like trees and grass, not insect-pollinated plants such as flowers. This dart is for the trees and the grass, we missed you all winter but our sinuses can’t take it anymore.

Playing Hardball

The Rutgers softball team has been on a seven game winning streak. It began at the end of March with a one-point win over Purdue. Just after that the team won two games back to back against Stony Brook and three away games back to back against Michigan State. This laurel is for the women on the softball team, keep up the great work and good luck this afternoon.

Scam Artists in the Bruns

If someone comes to your house or apartment offering to subsidize your electricity bill — don’t fall for it. People have been offering students, specifically on the College Avenue campus, the chance to lower or alter their bills so that they have to pay less monthly, but it’s not true. University students have fallen for the trick and are now stuck paying a bill thousands of dollars over their actual charges. This dart is for scammers trying to exploit students, pick on someone your own size.

Helping Our Students Who Serve

Robert Bright has been appointed the acting director of Rutgers’ Office of Veteran and Military Programs and Services. Bright’s new position will include helping to foster support services in academic, mental and financial services that will benefit military and veteran students. This laurel is for Bright and students involved in the armed services, your work is appreciated.

Potholes on Potholes

It happens every year. After the snow clears and the salt is wiped away, the roads are left with gaping holes and deep craters. They dent our cars, ruin our tires and trip us up. While there have been minimal efforts made to fix some of the larger potholes on campus, many of them remain untouched. This dart goes out to all the potholes on the University, be a little more shallow next time around. 

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