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Week in Review: Laurels and Darts

Take Back the Night

Sexual and gender based violence are not women’s issues –– they are issues everyone on campus should be concerned with. This week dozens of students took to the streets during Take Back the Night to raise awareness for just that. Students and supporters started marching down George Street, chanting and extolling the need for universities to support victims. This laurel is for everyone who participated in Take Back the Night, and for those who bring awareness to violence on a daily basis.

Protecting Mother Nature

The onset of global warming and climate change has transformed Earth Day, a holiday celebrated this past Wednesday. What was once a trivial celebration prompting elementary school children to plant flowers has transformed into a global day of awareness. Yet, there are still many who believe global warming is fictional and continue to cause harm to the planet. In honor of Earth Day, this dart is for climate change non-believers: your skepticism and disbelief are ravaging Mother Earth.

Allied Altruism

The Center for Social Justice Education and LGBT Communities (SJE) at Rutgers is taking steps to aid homeless students in the LGBTQA community. The fund, titled “Emergency Fund for Rutgers University LGBTQA Students” will provide food, housing and tuition assistance, among other services, to students in need. This laurel goes out to SJE for doing all that they can to aid marginalized students in their greatest times of need.

Hiking up the Fares

New Jersey Transit commuters may be hit with a 9 percent fare increase in 2016 due to budgetary short falls within the agency. Should fares increase, they would rise by 8.8 percent, making a one-way trip from New Brunswick to New York Penn go up by over $1. Rich executives are not the only ones making trips into the city on a daily basis –– some unpaid college interns can barely afford the fare now, and an increase would be detrimental to our fellow students. This dart is for train fare hikes.

RU Ready for Some Hacking?

During the 24-hour hack event, participants at HackRU were able to learn computer programming, as well as take part in trivia games, a Super Smash Bros. tournament and more. There was also a competitive aspect to the event, as awards for the top 10 projects were handed out. Held at the Louis Brown Athletic Center, over 1,000 hackers attended the event from high school students to Rutgers students. This laurel is for HackRU, for encouraging students to embrace their inner hacker.

Pernicious Parking

Suffice to say parking on campus is rough. Parking on the College Avenue campus itself can be a nightmare, especially when events close off parts of the street. The whole point of having massive lots on Livingston and Busch is so that visitors and some commuter students can park and then take the buses, but that’s rarely a reality. This dart is for the lack of parking on campus –– the University needs more parking decks and less surface lots.

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