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Week In Review: Laurels and Darts



Rutgers University Dance Marathon is the largest student-run fundraiser for the Embrace Kids Foundation in the state of New Jersey. This year, DM exceeded last year's fundraising total by nearly $70,000. This year, the dancers danced for 30 hours and raised a total of $692,046.67. This laurel is for all of the dancers, directors and staff that worked together to stage such an amazing event for children suffering from cancer and blood disorders and their families.

Spend Wisely, Spend Wisely

According a recent study, today’s college students are likely to have more than one credit card. Yet, as students try to become more independent, they are making dangerous spending and financial mistakes and proving their inability to budget money properly. This dart is for the students out there who don’t attempt to budget or refuse to manage their money — that's your future financial health at stake.

An LX on Saturday?

On Saturday, the Department of Transportation Services (DOTS) ran weekday buses for part of the day. With the many events taking place on-campus this past weekend, from Dance Marathon to Unity Day, having regular buses run for even a few hours made navigating campus much easier than usual — even if they were just for Open House. This laurel goes out to DOTS, you guys definitely did this one right.

Big Bad Wolf on Yik Yak

If you wouldn’t shout fire in a building that isn’t burning, why would you do it on social media? A couple days ago, Yik Yak erupted in the late evening with claims that Au Bon Pain had burned to the ground, leaving charred croissant crumbs behind. But as we can all see, that was far from the truth. This dart is for the person or group of people who thought stirring up fake controversy on Yik Yak was a wise idea. 

The Greeks March On

It’s no surprise that in recent weeks, Rutgers greek life as a whole has come under fire for the actions of a few. Yet, exemplifying their commitment to battling rape culture, greek members marched down College Ave. this week to combat sexual violence. They also marched to battle public perception of greek life as a facilitator of rape culture and binge drinking. This laurel is for the members of greek life committed to raising awareness and changing common misconceptions.

Sweatshop Flop

United Students Against Sweatshops has met with administrative officials in the past about their “30% Campaign,” but they have yet to hear an official response from University President Robert L. Barchi, who according to them, has the real power to change contracts to source University apparel from factories that provide safe and reasonable working conditions and wages. This dart goes to President Barchi for taking so long to officially sign off on a pressing issue of ethical spending on the University's part.

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