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On dealing with Iran: diplomacy or war, pick one, but choose wisely

Take the deal with Iran or go to war with Iran: That is the choice. If what is being gained in 10 years to further mend our relationship with Iran and negotiate another treaty, which will extend the nuclear weapon ban again and again. The breakout time for the Iranians to make a nuclear weapon will go from two months to over a year. If we reject this agreement, Iran is free to become a nuclear weapon country, which Israel will not allow, even if we do. When bombs are dropped over Iran, by either the U.S. or Israel, another war will commence. The U.S. Iraq/Afghanistan war has lasted 12 years (and is still ongoing) at the expense of thousands of American lives, thousands of Arab lives and three to five trillion dollars — who would want another war? The choice seems simple, take the deal and continue to work diplomatically. However, there are strong forces aligned against the common sense choice: the Obama haters, the rich and the super-rich.

The hardcore Obama haters will sacrifice anything to destroy any initiative that could reflect positively on the president. Therefore, narrow-minded demagogues and bigots believe war with Iran is better than any credit for Obama. More insidious, however, are the rich who always profit from war — the millionaires and billionaires will benefit from a good, long and expensive war, and their personal wealth will explode (again).

Who will suffer if war becomes the outcome of failed diplomacy? You, the non-millionaires and you the non-billionaires. You will see your sons' and daughters' blood in the deserts of the Middle East. You will see trillions of your tax dollars go to our war machine and profit the rich while you will see your fathers' and mothers' Medicare and social security benefits dwindle, and you will see our roads, bridges and infrastructure continue to crumble while we rebuild roads, bridges and schools in a country that we have bombed out in the Middle East — only to have them bombed out again.

This diplomatic decision largely affects you, so sagaciously deliberate this political situation. Should you take the agreement and continue to engage Iran diplomatically or go to war?  

Steven E. Keller, Ph.D. is the Research Director of Family Medicine and Emergency Medicine at the New Jersey Medical School.

Steven E. Keller

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