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Response to critiques of Obama, Mrs. Clinton, their non-supporters

I have chosen to respond to Steven Keller’s article,"Bigots who targeted Obama for race will target Clinton's gender," by offering a sobering view of why there is so much opposition to President Obama and presidential candidate Hillary Clinton. Keller attempts to make the point, that critical political conversion is scarce, which he does well. But similar to his previous article, he reinforces the unimportant topics he rails against.

Essentially, Keller portrays those who do not support President Obama and former Secretary of State Clinton as ignorant. He portrays them as people with little capability of critical political thought. Worst of all, he ignores all the crimes. Such crimes include the Internal Revenue Service targeting conservative groups to chill free speech, weapons transfers to Al-Qaeda-linked terrorists in Libya, Clinton’s unwavering support of the genocidal Iraq war and Obama’s drones strikes. On the last pony, as mentioned by Sara Zayed and well known to many, drone strikes have resulted in 90 percent of civilian casualties, the destruction of diplomatic communication and the personal acceptance of money from foreign governments, which is forbidden according to Article 1, Section 9 of the Constitution.

Clinton is often championed as a supporter of women’s rights, but she never makes any mention or criticism of the abhorrent and sickening treatment of women in Saudi Arabia, where, if a woman is raped, she is viewed as a whore, lashed or put to death. I, sir, choose not to support Obama and Clinton, not because of his race or her gender, but because they are hypocrites and criminals. Their policies and actions are absolutely antithetical to liberty and make any decent person sick. The fish rots from the head down, and the longer men and women like Obama and Clinton are in power, the quicker the decay.

Anthony Somma is a School of Arts and Sciences junior majoring in economics.

Anthony Somma

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