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Week in Review: Laurels and Darts


Samba at the Student Center

The Latin American Student Organization (LASO) held their annual “Latin American Festival” this week with Brazil as the focus. The celebration featured samba dancing, a performance by the Rutgers Capoeira Club and authentic Brazilian food. The organization's vice president, Stephanie Souza said it best, that attending cultural events is the best way to see and immerse yourself in the University’s diversity. This laurel is to LASO, since organizing large-scale cultural events are exactly the kind of things that the University needs to maintain its identity.

Douglass Dilemma

Douglass Residential College (DRC) and the Associate Alumnae of Douglass College (AADC) made headlines this week, thanks to a proposal by the University to consolidate the latter organization's fundraising role. However, it seems like the AADC, DRC Dean Litt and Rutgers administration are all sending a different message. Douglass women both past and present mobilized to oppose to changes, yet Dean Jacquelyn Litt supports the changes. While there is more than one side to the story, this dart is for everyone contributing to the miscommunication in dealing with this complex situation instead of helping.

Rutgers Day

This year’s Rutgers Day welcomed more than 91,000 visitors. From Busch campus to Douglass campus and back, dozens of organizations came out to show off their little slice of the University. Alumni associations and current clubs gave out prizes, played music and hosted games for everyone to take part in. This laurel is for everyone who came out to Rutgers Day and helped make the day a true celebration of the many cultures on campus.

Rutgers DDoS: Episode 3

At this point we get it: We understand the techno-jargon behind a DDoS attack and realize that we all depend on the Internet. So can it stop? Since Monday, Internet service at the University and access to platforms like Sakai and e-College have been anywhere from fully functioning for a few hours to non-existent. This dart is for the person or people behind the DDoS attack — just stop, we all just want to take our finals and go home.

CeCe and Confidence

As part of “Gaypril,” a month of programming hosted by the Center for Social Justice Education and LGBT communities, CeCe McDonald visited the University to give a seminar on "politics and the intersectionality of oppression." During the discussion, she explained her frustration with people sensationalizing her story as a transgendered woman in a man’s prison. This laurel goes out to CeCe McDonald for coming forward to tell her story and inspiring everyone to be comfortable with who they are.

Common Christie

For the first time in four months, Gov. Chris Christie visited New Brunswick. He came to Hub City to sign two bills “aimed at stopping prescription medication and opioid abuse.” During the event, Christie was questioned about sending troops to Baltimore and stated that the city is in a state of emergency: Since New Jersey is nearby, assistance was sent. Yet, he refused to discuss the Bridge-gate scandal. This dart is for you Christie, get it together. 

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