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Column on Pope has glaring inaccuracies, facts that lack context

Letter to the Editor

Wow, it is hard to know where to begin with the piece written by Mr. Jonathan Finnerty.

Laden with inaccuracy — the facts being too rich for his taste — the article published on Friday is a severely misinformed, hardly philosophical rant.

Though there is much I could write, I will reduce my comments to two simple points. My first point is the statement about the Vatican Bank being worth $7.3 billion. It seems to imply that this is the Pope's personal bank account that he is freely able to disperse. The Vatican is a bank like any other bank whose assets are not personally controlled or disposable by any one person — not even the Pope.

Secondly, to answer the Finnerty's question, "why not begin dispersing some needed green among the more poverty stricken masses?" Just in the U.S. alone, the Catholic Church is responsible for more fundraising and disbursement than UNICEF. Yes, billions of aid dollars from U.S. Catholics to the poor at home and abroad. Simply check the website "Charity Navigator" or Forbes magazine's list of the Top 50 Charities to confirm this.

I advise a little research before a rant!

Brother Joseph Donovan is the Director of the Catholic Center at Rutgers University.

Brother Joseph Donovan

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