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Week in Review: Laurels and Darts | Sept. 11, 2015


Bolstering the Buses

How many times have you seen “no data available” flash on your phone while trying to figure out when the next EE is coming? Richard Chu, James Paik, Kenneth Li and Carin Yao may have solved your problems. These four Rutgers students created RU Direct, an Android app that offers a visual aid along with time estimates for when your bus is coming. This laurel goes out to the four creators of the app … if only RU Direct could actually make the buses move faster.

I’m Actually Sweating

We all know Rutgers is big, but at this point it’s just too much. While it is amazing that the incoming first-year class is the largest the school has ever seen, our resources are not equipped to handle this many people. Buses are over capacity, classes are overflowing and the lines at the dining halls are downright ridiculous. This dart is for the University population size, there are just too damn many of us.

Mad Love For LGBTQ

Rutgers has always been progressive in terms of supporting the LGBTQ community. For the third year in a row, Rutgers has been ranked among the top 25 LGBTQ-friendly colleges in the nation. This laurel is for the members of University who maintain a high level of respect for every member of our student body.

The Eternal Flood

As the investigation into head football coach Kyle Flood dredges on for what feels like the 11th hour, there is no resolution. The Rutgers Board of Governors is holding an emergency meeting today at 11:30 a.m. to discuss the situation and any “pending litigation.” Hopefully today’s meeting ends with a solution. This dart goes out to all University officials involved in the probe, it shouldn’t take this long to investigate an email.

Moving On Out

The Rutgers Office of Student Affairs recently created a new service for students living off campus. The Off-Campus Living and Community Partnerships is a new addition to the University, designed to aid off-campus students and provide information about landlords and rent control. This laurel is for the Off-Campus Living and Community Partnerships resource — countless students will undoubtedly benefit from your services.

Rutgers Has Professors?

And the hits just keep on coming. According to the Princeton Review, Rutgers was ranked number 12 out of the 20 schools with the worst professors. While the survey is only based on one question, it was designed to rank the top 20 schools and the bottom 20 schools. This dart goes out to the survey participants, way to kick us while we’re down. 

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