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RU students named politically disengaged, importance of voting

When it comes to election season, University faculty and student groups always put together an impressive coalition effort to make sure folks know when the voter registration deadline is and where their polling places are come Election Day. Since 2012, the Rutgers Vote Coalition has registered over 12,000 students to vote! But tabling and class announcements aren’t enough. We can do better as a community to create more access to the democracy process on campus. University professors sent out a link to StudentVote.org and helped over 3,000 students register to vote during the last presidential election. A campus wide email with this link would make an even bigger impact. At UC Santa Barbara, where the vote coalition helps over over one-third of the campus register to vote every election, not only does the campus publicize StudentVote.org, but the coalition is a presence at every first-year's first dorm meeting and allowed to go door-to-door to register students. We have an opportunity to give UCSB a run for their money with the presidential primaries and the general election coming up next year, but only if we establish these common sense measures to make voting more accessible. 

Nick Jermer is Board of Directors Chair of NJPIRG Student Chapters.

Nick Jermer

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