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Crush it this Halloween with a creepy berry cocktail


For those of you 21 and over looking to give a fun, spooky twist to your choice of drink this Halloween, part ways with the typical and tasteless Miller Lite, and put your bartending skills to the test with this creepy berry cocktail. Not only does this drink taste great with its tropical flavors and fresh fruit, but its contrasting orange and black colors, and crushed berry texture make for a festive drink.

This cocktail only requires a few ingredients and can easily be made virgin-style for students who’d rather get their sugar rush with a big bag of Halloween candy. This deliciously dark drink is the perfect cocktail to make before hitting the first big party of the night — or even hosting your own.

What You'll Need

½ cup orange juice
½ cup pineapple juice
½ cup rum
½ cup blackberries
Orange decorating sugar, or plain sugar, with red and yellow food coloring.

  1. First, mix the orange juice, pineapple juice and rum in a cocktail shaker, or heavily stir it in a cup with ice.
  2. Pour the sugar into a shallow bowl, add the food coloring if you need to dye it orange.
  3. Choose a small glass with a wide rim and coat the rim of the glass with water. Then, dip the rim in the orange sugar, which will create a simple decorative element to your drink.
  4. Place three or four blackberries in the bottom of the glass and crush them with a spoon. This will give your cocktail a creepy look.
  5. Pour the drink mixture over the crushed blackberries. This will cause the colors to separate, making it appear black toward the bottom and orange on top. Garnish with a blackberry, and enjoy!

Julia Teters

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