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Combat Halloween candy cravings with healthy alternatives


When this time of October rolls around, it can feel like all of Rutgers turns into an overnight Candyland. From the dining halls, to Thomas Sweet, to your roommate’s hidden snack stash, sweets and treats are suddenly everywhere you turn, beckoning you closer. While we champion all things Halloween, what can be extra-frightening is an overdose of seasonal munchies.

If you’re trying to eat well, hold your ground. Evading spooks like high-fructose corn syrup, sugars and artificial coloring doesn’t mean giving up snacking entirely. By swapping out junk food in favor of more natural, wholesome choices, you’ll feel energized longer while instantly satisfying candy cravings. Next time you find yourself thinking about a Kit-Kat, savor these suggestions for what you should reach for instead. Cheers to treats without tricks!

Craving Sour Patch Kids: Frozen Grapes
We’d be lying if we denied our love for the tangy taste of sour gummies, so lucky for us, prepping this refreshing snack is a no-brainer. Whether you favor red, green or black grapes, rinse and de-stem the next bunch before laying them on wax paper in the freezer. As the fruit’s naturally high acid levels act as a preservative, they’ll be dangerously delicious in no time.

Craving Reese’s Cups: PB Rice Cakes
A seasonal staple, careful strategy is requisite for resisting the temptation of the Reese’s Cup. If you’re especially hungry, consider smoothing peanut butter over chocolate rice cakes to recreate the Reese’s effect. Add up the low calorie count of the rice cakes, plus the wondrous nutritional value of peanut butter, and you’ve got a sure winner. This doubles as a great choice for replenishing after a workout as well.

Craving Candy Corn: Spoonful Of Honey
The ultimate poster child for Halloween confections, candy corn, tends to be polarizing in that most people either love it or hate it. If you count yourself among the fans, try substituting the candy treat for a purer alternative: honey. Justifiably nicknamed, “the liquid gold” of the cooking world, honey earns its bragging rights as it boosts energy, strengthens immunity and reduces throat irritation. Beloved by ancient Egyptian pharaohs, it’s just as useful today for busy collegians as the only known food that does not spoil.

Craving M&M’s: Chocolate Milk
Not just nutritious for your younger siblings, chocolate milk is also a fab post-exercise choice for optimal recovery aid. Replenishing your muscles with carbohydrates, a quick sip of your favorite milk variety enhanced with a swirl of a low fat chocolate syrup promises to fill you up and keep you going in ways that chocolate candy never could. Loaded with electrolytes and necessary vitamins, all the good that chocolate milk can do for you is simply magic.

Janine Puhak

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