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Week in Review: Laurels and Darts | Oct. 9, 2015



When students have been drinking illegally or using drugs, oftentimes they’re afraid to call for help when one of their friends needs it. Especially when it comes to underage users, students are afraid to call, fearing they might also get in trouble. But thanks to the “Good Samaritan" law, students will not get in trouble for being under the influence when calling the police or emergency services for help. For this, we laurel the Good Samaritan law.


A new app, “Fleek — College Stories” has given the concept of “rusnapyak” a new name. The app operates much like Snapchat and the “Our Campus Story” feature as students can see regular pictures and videos. But the app also has an X-rated feature that allows students to upload lewd and indecent captions as well, creating an outlet for the exploitation of students. This dart is for Fleek — way to keep it classy. 


Hosted this past week, Rutgers Hazing Prevention Week (RHPW) was designed to put an end to hazing in greek life. When students want to join a group, oftentimes they’re asked to do things they don’t want to do. But because of the desire to fit in, many students don’t come forward and talk about what they’ve gone through. Initiatives like RHPW work to combat this phenomenon. This laurel goes out to all the students who participated in RHPW.


As you can tell from the banners plastered around campus, Rutgers is celebrating its 250th anniversary this November. The posters around campus featuring a group of colonial-era white men barely reflect contemporary Rutgers. Since the University constantly touts diversity, having a poster showcasing this vast diversity would have been a good idea. Until changes are made, this dart goes out to the Rutgers 250 Planning Committee.


Last night, the Rutgers University Black Student Union held their Annual Homeless Awareness Sleepout. BSU members and students took to the steps of Brower Commons with blankets and hoodies to discuss homelessness and to reflect on their own lives. Donations were also collected to help serve the homeless communities around Rutgers. This laurel is for the students who participated in the Sleepout.  


Remember Hurricane Sandy? Well get ready for more super-storms. According to a joint study by the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America and other institutions, New Jersey is will see more hurricanes like Sandy. This could happen because of rising sea levels, as well as a change in the nature of hurricanes. Such a phenomenon is evidence of the fact that human behavior has an effect on the climate. This dart goes out to all the climate change non-believers.

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