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RUPD sends out active shooter emergency plan

Tracy Heu huddled on the floor of her English classroom with fellow students as she watched her professor, Larry Levin, get shot.

“He was trying to crawl on the ground with us,” Heu told CNN. “And (the gunman) shot the professor and then he just started shooting on the ground.”

These were the events of last Thursday’s mass shooting at Umpqua Community College in Oregon, in which 10 students were killed and nine were left injured. After Thursday, four students from California were arrested for plotting a mass shooting at Summerville High School.

The issue of campus safety and security was brought closer to home on Monday, when someone anonymously posted a threat on  against a college near Philadelphia on the website 4chan.

The post reads, “On October 5, 2015 at 1:00 PM CT, a fellow robot will take up arms against a university near Philadelphia. His cries will be heard, his victims will cower in fear, and the strength of the Union will decay a little more.”

According to nj.com, Rutgers-Camden Chancellor Phoebe Haddon notified students to report any suspicious activity and posted links to Rutgers’ emergency plan in case of an active shooter.

In response to these events, Rutgers-New Brunswick officials also shared the procedures students should take in the event of an active shooter on campus.

"While no threat currently exists at Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey – and there is no specific reason to believe that our University is at risk – we owe it to ourselves to pause and consider the ways in which awareness and preparedness for what to do in such situations are critical in the event of such an incident," said Kenneth Cop, RUPD chief cop, in an email sent out to students last week.

The action a student should take in an active shooter situation depends on where the events are taking place.

If the shooter begins fire outside of a building, the Rutgers Emergency Action Plan directs students to take immediate cover behind a hard object that will stop or slow bullets.

"In the event neither cover nor entering a building is possible, run in a zigzag fashion away from the sound of gunfire," the plan reads. 

But if students are inside a classroom when a shooter enters, which was the case in the Umpqua Community College shooting, the Rutgers Emergency Plan tells students to lock and barricade doors, turn off the lights, close blinds and lock windows, remain silent and take adequate cover behind cabinets or concrete walls. 

The plan informs students that huddling in masses is not advised and to create a plan with occupants of the room. 

Avalon Zoppo

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