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What your third night Halloween costume says about you


As Cady Heron from "Mean Girls" once mused, Halloween is the one night a year that a girl can dress however she likes, and no other girl can say anything about it. If you also believe that the clothes make the man, then eyeing someone’s Halloween costume is essentially like taking a good look into their soul. All bets will be off the final weekend of October as Rutgers’ finest gather beneath the moon to celebrate some of the most fantastic evenings of their collegiate year.

Exhausted and battle-scarred, for better or worse, you can tell an awful lot about a person by what they’re wearing by Day Three, where the true colors emerge. Take this sartorial horoscope to help you navigate the waters and sail through the holiday fright-free. May you not be tricked, only treated.

The Gothic
Thank goodness the day is finally here again when your routine apparel doesn’t draw stares at every corner you turn. Your dark lipstick, combat boots and chain metal jewelry provide the perfect base to throw on a witch’s hat or vampire cape and call it a look. As fellow ghosts and ghouls pass on the street, you snicker to yourself. They may be amateurs, but they’re doing you a favor. It’s oddly liberating to be off duty, because Halloween is every day for you.

The Overachiever
Cheers if your energy is blazing to see this one through. Why? Because this. Is. Your. Favorite. Holiday. You count the days until Oct. 31, and you're definitely going to show everyone else up. Whether you will be taking on the night as a sugar skull, clever pun or 2016 presidential hopeful, the hard work and creative spirit you put into your intricately homemade costume sets it a league above.

The Couple
These two want you to know — THEY ARE IN LOVE AND HAPPY ABOUT IT. They will not be leaving each other’s sides as they float from address to address, and don’t you dare make eye contact with their other half. Last night they were Kim and Kanye, two nights ago they were superheroes and tonight they are Minnie and Mickey! So cute. Actually — wait, can you take their picture? **Hands over cell phone** It’s for Instagram.

The Sexy
The opposite of the couple, you have recently been dumped, and are seizing Halloween to officially win the breakup. Against the pleas of your friends, not only are you going to venture totally out of the way to run into your ex, but you’re going to make them green with jealousy, too. Ladies can be often spotted in leather Catwoman bodysuits and gentlemen half-naked in top hats inspired by "Magic Mike." If you encounter one of these poor souls, kindly offer a hug — they need it.

The Lazy
Suited up in an odd combination of a favorite pair of shorts, your roommate’s costume from last year and an ultra-cool pair of shades, your spur-of-the-moment attire is just as easygoing as you are. Your look is best interpreted as "Risky Business" or "Walk-Of-Shame," depending on the time of day, but you couldn’t care less. The last 48 hours have been such a wicked whirlwind that you can’t believe there’s already another night of mischief to be had. Happy Halloween!

Janine Puhak

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