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Sweat out all of your Halloweekend regrets!


While "Halloweekend" seems like a boozy, sugar-coated distant memory, chances are you're still feeling its draining after-effects. Although Halloweekend is depicted as the greatest three days of a college student’s life, its aftermath will have you looking more like a zombie than the one you saw walking down College Avenue on actual Halloween. From consuming drinks to eating tasty treats, treating your stomach like a garbage can for consecutive days will do more harm than good. Here are a few easy ways to detox from Halloweekend and jumpstart your energy before then next big gluttonous holiday, Thanksgiving.

1. Going to class across campus? Walk! 

Too many times I’ve seen people get on the bus at the College Avenue Student Center and then get off at Scott Hall. Students also get on at the Livingston Plaza just to get dropped off right in front of the convenience store in the Livingston Student center. Your legs might be tired from dancing all week long — but they can still get you halfway across campus, use them next time!

2. Skip the scones at the Livingston Starbucks

We all know how irresistible the food at Starbucks looks. Even though those cake pops can be hard to pass up, you probably still have enough sugar in your system to last you for the next three months. Get a KIND bar or an unsweetened tea instead.

3. Water is your new BFF.

The multiple dining halls across Rutgers campuses are full of healthy options and make it easy for you to make those healthy choices! Skipping the multitude of fountain drinks and gulping down glasses of water will flush out all those indulgent decisions, as well as the high fructose corn syrup that is sitting in your stomach.

4. Hit the recreational center!

There are gyms located on every campus, two on the College Avenue campus alone. Take advantage of the free gym pass you’re granted and take one hour out of your day to sweat out all toxins consumed from the previous weekend. Hate cardio? No problem. Set up your phone on the elliptical and watch Netflix! Three episodes of "Scandal" later and your body will forgive you for your weekend full of regret.

5. Johnson Park is the ideal workout spot.

Cardio is the most successful method of detoxing from a weekend of indulgence. With many paths to run on, Johnson Park is perfect for achieving that post Halloween detox while enjoying beautiful scenery as well. Even if you cannot stand the idea of cardio, the scenery will distract you from the fact that you’re actually running.

Meghan Lloyd

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