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Week in Review: Laurels and Darts | Nov. 6, 2015



A mission of the Robert Wood Johnson Medical School is to be part of the "medical schools of the future," and this week, it has taken a huge step toward that goal in its recent admission into the American Medical Association's Accelerating Change in Medical Education Consortium. More than 100 different medical schools applied, and RWJMS is 1 of 20 allowed to enter this prestigious consortium. We laurel RWJMS for maintaining a high quality program that is gaining more recognition for its efforts.


Mathieu Lentine, a professor in the Department of Exercise Science and Sports Studies, warns against long periods of sitting, which can decrease brain functions and is overall detrimental to health. Most students don't have the time to squeeze in a few hours of exercise amidst a tight schedule, making a sedentary lifestyle the default lifestyle. This dart goes to the general environment in universities and workplaces that compel people into inactivity.


Students have just completed a wave of midterm exams and are now in an interim period before finals. To ameliorate the stress that seasons of testing can produce, the RU Stressbusters program works to relax and de-stress students from physical and mental tension. This laurel goes to the Stressbusters coordinators and volunteers who offer their services to ease the level of stress among students in the University.


At this point it shouldn’t come as a surprise that social media is here to stay. But University President Robert L. Barchi and much of the administration ­— save for Felicia McGinty — don't have personal social media accounts. Other university presidents have Twitter accounts where students can interact with them directly. Dillard University President Walter M. Kimbrough's can be found tweeting on @hiphopprez. This dart is for Barchi, we just want to like your tweets.


Feeding those in need is more than helping the homeless, it’s also about helping “more than one million people in New Jersey lived in food-insecure households.” Earlier this week, students gathered to pack more than 22,000 meals to be delivered to a local food bank. The event was sponsored by Rutgers Against Hunger, Meals of Hope and Rutgers Leaders. This laurel goes out to all of the participating organizations and students.


Have you been in the Rutgers University Bookstore lately? On your way to the Starbucks line, you may have noticed that ugly Christmas sweaters and Christmas ornaments are on sale, but Thanksgiving hasn’t even happened yet. This dart goes out to the retailers speeding up the holiday season, fast-forwarding to the most “marketable” holiday of the year.

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