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Hosting your own lazy New Brunswick Friendsgiving


As Thanksgiving makes its way into the fall semester, thoughts of home-cooked meals and a break from long study sessions fill the minds of the Rutgers community. But before you can eat your mom's famous stuffing, there's one holiday that still needs celebrating — "Friends-giving"

For those of you that aren’t big on cooking and would like to celebrate this festive holiday with your dorm buddies or housemates, why not prepare your own five-course Thanksgiving meal from local New Brunswick restaurants! 

This can be an affordable and easy alternative to having your very own “Friends-giving." Below are options from eateries located on Easton Avenue to create a five-course Thanksgiving meal and add a twist to some of your traditional Thanksgiving dinners.


Sticking with the theme of warm potato dishes, stop by the well-known restaurant and bar Stuff Yer Face for some delicious pierogies to start out your five-course meal. This appetizer can be shared among your friends for just $7.71 to eat-in or take-out. These dumplings are filled with potatoes, sauerkraut and sautéed with butter, onions and bacon.


When we think of Brother Jimmy’s BBQ we don’t usually picture ordering a simple soup or salad, but this casual dining area has great options for both. For those of you that would like to stay warm, try their "Brunswick Stew" for just $5.75. This soup is quite different from your typical turkey and stuffing, but is just as inviting with a tomato based broth, corn, smoked chicken and pork. If you want to keep your meal a bit lighter, this restaurant also offers a simple "House Salad" that you can share with one of your friends for just $7.50.


One of the most affordable and tasty places in New Brunswick is the popular Hansel N’ Griddle. They serve a turkey-themed sandwich for your entrée in honor of Thanksgiving. The sandwich is called "The Turkey Melt" and consists of grilled turkey, lettuce, tomatoes, melted pepper jack cheese and is served on a pita with your choice of honey mustard or mayo. This grilled sandwich is only $5.75 and gives a little flavor to your traditional roasted turkey entrée.


Want to add some pumpkin to the fourth course of your New Brunswick Thanksgiving meal? Give Thomas Sweet a try and order their seasonal, homemade pumpkin ice cream. This sweet and creamy dessert is offered in a single scoop for just $2.80, or a double scoop for $3.74. If you have a sweet tooth, upgrade your scoop to a "Pumpkin Sundae" for just $4.44. This includes one wet topping, one dry topping and homemade whipped cream.


For those over 21, finish your eclectic holiday meal by bringing all your friends to City Café on Easton Avenue, a tapas restaurant and bar. They have an array of different cocktails, beer and wine with an especially sweet Sangria that you can purchase in a pitcher to share. This drink is called "Sangria De CCB" and served in a 20-ounce pitcher for just $8. It has an assortment of different liquors including raspberry, apple and wine.

Send out a group text to all of your friends and let them know that you're thankful for them by inviting them to celebrate a lazy, cheap and delicious five-course "Friendsgiving" meal.

Julia Teters

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