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Negative reaction to new Starbucks cups devalues Christmas

Letter to the Editor

Starbucks Coffee's removal of Christmas decorations from their cups, making them plain red and the #MerryChristmasStarbucks campaign, has caused a lot of controversy. To be completely honest, I am glad Starbucks removed the Christmas decorations from their cups because I feel those Christmas decorations only represent the Christmas commercialism, not Christmas as in the birth of Jesus. As a Christian, I don't celebrate Christmas by having decorations, presents and treats. I celebrate Christmas because it is the birth of Jesus and I have fun with my loving family. I'm quite disgusted about #MerryChristmasStarbucks and everything it is doing in response to Starbucks' decision about their cups. In fact, the actions they are committing against Starbucks are insulting the Christian faith and making things much worse for themselves. If I was in Starbucks, I would just walk in, order my coffee and have kindness, courtesy and respect to the other customers and baristas, even if they have a bad attitude toward me. I'm not saying ban all Christmas decorations, but people shouldn't get so caught up in the Christmas decorations and commercialism without knowing what Christmas is truly about. I'm saying this to defend the peaceful and loving Christians in America while stopping all the Christians who use their religion to inflict fear into their friends and family members, and punish them severely for their sins. I am also not forcing anyone to convert to Christianity, but to teach people my faith and help them understand and appreciate my culture as well as other cultures too. I hope this can get spread because I want people to hear words from a Christian who inspires others and forgives those who don't believe.

Glenn Bouthillette is a School of Environmental And Biological Sciences junior majoring in exercise science and sport studies.

Glenn Bouthillette

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