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Practice of whaling is harmful to ecosystem

Letter to the Editor

Whales are a vital part of our ecosystem, and harming their population has had a snowball effect on our environment. In 1982, the International Whaling Commission enforced a moratorium on whaling. This moratorium has not stopped some countries from continuing their practices of whaling. They say the killing of the whales are for scientific research and should be allowed. Therefore, whaling should not be completely shut down as this is an important practice in some cultures. Rather, we should incorporate a type of tagging and registering system that would be run by an international committee. This system would require that every whale that is proved to be used for scientific purposes be relinquished to the committee.

Whales are beautiful mammals that navigate the world, seeming to have no care in the world. But we cannot forget how valuable these creatures are. Seeing them break the surface warms the heart and brings a smile to us all. Let us make sure future generations can see and appreciate all of what nature has to offer.

"Please go to this site and sign the petition."

Chaim Shapiro is a School Of Environmental and Biological Sciences senior majoring in marine sciences with minors in environmental policy and institution & behavior.

Chaim Shapiro

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