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These free gifts will surely be appreciated


It’s the most wonderful time of the year, and we are absolutely broke. Through a whole semester of new textbooks, food deliveries and Spring Break down-payments can sure thin out your piggybank. Gifting for your loved ones should be the last worry on your mind as finals arrive. Embrace the fact that you are charmingly penniless and rise to find some ultra "bargains." If you do it right, this holiday season won’t set you back a dime, but will advance everyone’s appreciation for what a thoughtful, witty pal you are. Some of the best gifts don’t come from the store, but the heart. Check out Inside Beat's ideas for totally free presents that are sure to bring joy wherever you go. Cheers to giving a little more than just another gift card.

Tutoring Session

Whether you’re a math whiz or literary genius, chances are that not all your friends are too. Help them out by spending an hour or two with the books when they need it, and they’ll be singing your praises until Christmas Day.

Home Improvement

It’s never too early for spring cleaning, so make your comrade’s January return to campus a little smoother by tidying up. Maybe they need an air conditioner removed and a solid closet reorganization — or a fresh coat of living room paint and a good vacuuming. No matter what you pitch in with, the thought is sure to count.

Free Wheels

Possibly the most easy, breezy and beautiful gift of them all. Your vehicle-less buddies will rejoice when you offer to pick them up from class on another campus, or step up as their designated driver for a night out. Bonus points for an excursion to the mall or grocery store — and remember, resist any gas money offers!

Late Night Delivery at the Library

Maybe they forgot their phone charger, didn’t eat dinner, arrived without a sweatshirt or simply just needed a hug. Your crew will surely celebrate a special delivery of the one thing they forgot at home. After this mission has been accomplished, you can officially consider yourself an A-list elf. Happy holidays!

Janine Puhak

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