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Noam Chomsky visits Rutgers to discuss U.S. involvement

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The United States of America is the world’s greatest threat to peace, said activist Noam Chomsky in a talk to Rutgers students on Oct. 2 about America's involvement in world affairs, including the nation's role in the Iraq War.

That conflict effectively ruined the region, he said. Millions of lives were ruined, with a significant portion of those being fatalities, and a large portion of the remaining victims were forced to leave the country. This sparked a refugee crisis, he said.

Despite these negative impacts of the U.S. involvement, he said the country also has several positive effects.

“The national identity of the United States, unlike other powers, is defined by a set of universal, political and economic values, namely, liberty, democracy, equality, private property and markets,” he said.

Because of this, Chomsky said the country needs to remain the top international power to act as a model for the rest of the planet.

He said the United States focuses on promoting principles every country should follow, while others may focus specifically on themselves.

"The United States has a solemn duty to maintain its international primacy for the benefit of the world,” Chomsky said.

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