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Week in Review: Laurels and Darts | Dec. 4, 2015


Giving Day Generates Dollars

Giving Day is an international day, around the the same time as Black Friday and Cyber Monday, that reminds people to think of others at a time when many simply succumb to discount deals and buy items for themselves. This day has been taken up by the University to encourage donations that benefit students through additional resources and enhanced infrastructure. We laurel the generosity of people during Giving Day for helping Rutgers raise $1 million in a matter of 24 hours.

Immunodeficiency Ignorance

Rumors about HIV, or human immunodeficiency virus, includes it being spread through use of public bathrooms and sharing meals. Moreover, HIV continues to be known as a disease only gay men can contract, which makes people less likely to take preventive measures in contracting the disease themselves. We dart the lack of proper sexual education in all levels of schooling, because it perpetuates stigma, ignorance and fear regarding the disease. 

Oodles of Openings

As students preparing to enter the job market in a few years, job availability is an intense concern. According to The Wall Street Journal, job openings increased in comparison to the previous years. While job openings increase and hirings remain stable, we laurel the University services that help undergraduate students best take advantage of career opportunities.

Match of the Movements

The #BlackLivesMatter movement has prompted the creation of #AllLivesMatter, but the validity of #AllLivesMatter as a movement is questionable. As Professor Khadijah White of the Department of Journalism and Media Studies said, you would not observe a cancer march and feel compelled to say, "All diseases matter!" We dart the #AllLivesMatter movement for blanketing over and ignoring contemporary issues that black people face in this country.

Dodging DDoS 

Due to recent distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks, hundreds of students have been thwarted in the critical process of obtaining their desired schedule on WebReg. Rutgers has taken steps to protect WebReg during registration periods, such as hiring different companies to protect the University's online networks. We laurel the Office of Information Technology for taking measures that allowed for smooth registration thus far. 

Salary Subterfuge

Recently disclosed data suggests women are likely to reach their peak salary 25 years before they retire, while men's salaries continue to grow indefinitely. There are various factors that created this phenomenon, but a largely influential factor is how men are still seen as breadwinners in the household. In this day and age where mothers, and especially single mothers, work just as hard to support their family, we dart the societal expectation that women do not work as much or as hard as men because their families don't depend on them for a living income.

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