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New app "LIT" helps students find nearby social events

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For students looking for a good night out, there is now a mobile application to find the most "lit" parties and social events in the area. 

Mark Weiss, a Yeshiva University sophomore, and Avi Jerushalmy, a Binghamton University junior, co-founded a mobile application called "LIT" about a year ago.

The application provides users with real time feedback and services to locate social gatherings and events at nearby areas. 

The creators said because they are part of the college atmosphere, they understand how social situations work and brought their idea to life. 

“We realized, as college students, that going out and partying is often an inefficient experience,” Jerushalmy said. “We thought we found a formula that could truly maximize students' efficiency with regard to time and money—two things college students often don't have much of.”

If someone at an event is not enjoying themselves, Weiss said LIT allows the student to see if his or her friends are talking about another event nearby. He said a unique and social aspect of the application is its real time user feedback. 

“The app is all based off user feedback so when you see a party is ‘hot’ you know it was a fellow party-goer that wrote that and not a bar owner,” Weiss said.

He and Jerushalmy said due to the many factors that play into scheduling and choosing where to meet friends, there is an appreciation for this kind of service on college campus life.

“Sometimes the covers are way too high, there are long lines, friends aren’t always there (or) places aren’t always exciting,” Jerushalmy said. “We wanted to remedy (those) issues.”

Weiss and Jerushalmy used their connections at Rutgers to help expand and publicize their application. 

Joshua Greenfield, director of Outreach at LIT and a School of Arts and Sciences junior, saw the potential in Jerushalmy's idea.

“(Jerushalmy) reached out to me last semester and told me that he and Mark, both of whom I attended high school with, created an application called LIT and wanted to launch it at Rutgers,” he said. “I immediately thought LIT was a great idea and that it would be a great compliment to the nightlife of Rutgers’ thriving bar scene.”

Currently, Greenfield works with the LIT team to create different marketing strategies to promote the application. He also works with the developers to come up with ideas for the applications features, designs and functions.

"Because Rutgers has several bars to choose from, the app is a great way for students to plan out which bar or party to attend based on factors such as which friends are there and how lit it is inside," he said. 

Both Weiss and Jerushalmy take on various roles at the company. It is important to pay attention to every detail, in part because they have a large number of workers and interns working on different things, Jerushalmy said.  

“In a startup, anything is everyone’s job,” Weiss said. “You have to be versatile (because) everyone is held responsible.”

Their application launched last week and is gaining popularity at Binghamton and Rutgers. 

“(It’s) hard to describe the feeling,” Weiss said. “After working on a product for over a year, you just hope to receive great feedback and we have received nothing short of that.”

Launching the application was one of the most gratifying moments he can remember, Jerushalmy said. 

“It was also overwhelming knowing that this business had now taken off full scale and we had to convince people to use our app, which they had never heard of," he said. 

Weiss, Jerushalmy and Greenfield, along with the rest of their team, contacted one of the venues on the New Brunswick campus, Huey’s Knight Club, to host a launch party.

“Over 500 people attended,” Weiss said. “The staff there is great and people loved the app’s simplicity and how it maximized their time and money.”

The event went so well that they received over 1,000 new followers on Instagram, Jerushalmy said. “It’s perfect marketing because it’s beneficial for the local businesses (too).”

He said there were students who showed up from another party because they heard how much of a good time people were having at Huey’s Knight Club from their friends.

The entire team is planning to partner with local businesses to hold similar events in the future. They think this a great way to promote their services and expand into other major university campuses around the country.

The team said they are also continuously working to come up with newer ideas for improvement and features.

“Every day, we think of new ways to enhance the nightlife of our users and we will continue to innovate our app,” Weiss said. 

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