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10 campus trends that students need to abandon forever


Campus trends are about as significant as, well, your shoe color. College is a time for you to be your own person, to find who you truly are and not to dwell on your former high school behavior.

During your day-to-day life here at Rutgers, you should be focused on doing you, not what everyone else is doing. That being said, we are here to break down just a few extraneous trends that have taken the Rutgers community by storm.


This isn’t "Back to the Future" — put the toy away and thank your lucky stars you didn’t end up with a concussion, or having it blow up beneath you.


We get it, you go to college. You are putting yourself just one seashell necklace or beanie hat away from being a total tool.


They look cool, I'll admit that, but why would you carry that with you around campus? I’ve witnessed students carry these in bags. If you want to waste your money on a soon-to-be broken hookah, be my guest, but I’m not wasting my money on something like that.

"Valley Girl" Accents 

Yes this is a trend, and it needs to stop. We are adults, not high schoolers, nor in the movie, "Clueless."

"Beats by Dre" Headphones 

The one way to truly show you're wealthy is to sport your "Beats by Dre" while riding your new hoverboard. Seriously, no one needs to know how much you like to spend. Loans and debt are in all of our futures, so keep it subtle.

Skirts in the Winter 

Unless you have tights on, how are you not freezing your butt off?

Skipping Class 

You paid significant sums of money for this and will most likely end up in debt because of it. Don’t be that person that ends up in debt for staying in bed all day — that, my friend, makes you poor, dumb and lazy.

Millennial Slang 

"Yolo," "Bae," "Fam" or whatever most of you are coming up with. Please stop, our culture does not have to dwindle to this state. We are developed adults, not a new form of human society with a language that makes old English sound intelligible.

Bragging About Your Social Scene  

College is a time to live it up, but don't brag. There is a time and a place for everything, and I’m almost 100 percent certain that the middle of an art history lecture isn’t exactly that place.

Social Media Broadcasting 

I’m talking mostly about Snapchat and Tinder. Tinder can be gross, so try to be tasteful. As for Snapchat, I find it to be a super toxic platform that has become a constant race to show your “friends” how cool you are. Taking photos of awesome parties where your friend was wasted isn’t super cool or funny, so give it a rest. We all go through the usual trials and tribulations of social media, but remember to be your authentic self through it all.

Laura Dengrove

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