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‘Halogens’ guitarist impresses with musical success


The process that goes into the creation of an album is forever strenuous, requiring hours of collaboration and toil with other band members. The ordeal of pushing one’s creative limits, available funding and of course, the unpredictable success of the project is a lot to handle. 

Now, add a bustling, rigorous Rutgers schedule on top of the creative development. The task then becomes a herculean challenge. Charlie Throckmorton, a School of Arts and Sciences senior and a music major, has proven that it can be done, and he has the evidence to show for it.

Charlie and his band, Halogens, hail from Wall Township, New Jersey, and have been an official writing and performing group for five years. Charlie used to meet one of the founding members, Zach, after school and they would play covers. After recruiting drummer and bassist George and Tim, Halogens came into existence, trying to combine a plethora of genres. 

“Everyone has a style and we all just tried to put it together," Throckmorton said. "Think of punk rock with groove, or more like a groove punk and a jam band.”


Charlie has played music since childhood, picking up guitar at age nine at the Tom’s River Music Academy. Though enrolled there for three years, he eventually left, but continued playing and writing music. 

A decade later, he is a major contributor to the band’s material and writing, and believes his foundation with his years of experience with music helped establish that. Placing him in his current position as the lead guitarist for the band.

The group has successfully worked together to release an EP every summer for the past several years. Yet, in 2015, Halogens decided to slow down their process and truly refine their craft. Though separated during the school semesters, the band collaborated and shared ideas through email and phone. By winter break, Charlie and his group were ready to record.

“This album took three full days," Throckmorton said. "We used to do it in our basements and stuff. Everything was self produced and recorded, but we hooked up with Adam Cichocki in Bayonne, and he targeted and nailed the sound.”

The self titled EP has amassed considerable praise in the New Brunswick music scene, along with plenty of attention online as well. There is a lieu of shows they have lined up, and at some pretty impressive venues too. 

“We have a few shows in March, actually. We’re playing the meat locker in Montclair, Friday March 18. That’s actually our five-year anniversary show. My drummer has it tattooed on his leg — March 18 — our first jam, so we had the date reserved for there," Throckmorton said. "Then we’re playing up in Rhode Island the Friday before the 18th at this place called the Barn in Kingston, and after that we have another show in New York March 30 at the Bitter End. I think that’s like one of the oldest rock clubs there.” 

Charlie’s group has also played a handful of other famous local venues, such as the Stone Pony, the Saint, the Wonder Bar and the Langosta Lounge. Yet, it wasn’t just luck that helped him reach this point of success. 

Writing nearly all the guitar parts for the group, especially on the last EP, Charlie takes his creative exercises and writing processes as seriously as he does his schoolwork. On top of that, his involvement in the Rutgers concert band as a trumpeter and the school choir shows his passion for music is ride or die.

With his true drive and motivation to be as successful as possible with his group, he thrives in the Rutgers community. Charlie wishes to continue Halogens for as long as possible after school. Given the recent success the group has had with their EP, continuation means success. Halogens has even started writing and preparing for their next project, a follow up album after their previous success.

“I’ve been working on some songs and have a few guitar parts written," Throckmorton said. "Once it’s the first day of summer, we’re gonna be jamming and trying to write some new stuff.”

Editor's Note: A previous version of this article said Charlie Throckmorton was a Mason Gross School of the Arts senior.

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