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International Peace Bureau nominates Rutgers professor for Nobel Peace Prize

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Roger Clark, a Rutgers School of Law professor, was nominated for the 2016 Nobel Peace Prize by the International Peace Bureau, according to Victoria University of Wellington’s website.

Clark is a New Zealander who has been nominated in recognition of his work on a lawsuit to fight against nuclear testing, according to the Otago Daily Times.

He is a member of an international team representing the Republic of the Marshall Islands. The hearings for the nation begin in March and the Nobel Peace Prize Laureates will be announced in October.

Nuclear testing has affected the Marshall Islands, according to the Otago Daily Times. Sixty nuclear weapons have been tested on the islands during a period of 12 years by the United States.

As a result, they have launched a legal bid in The Hague against nine countries that are in possession of nuclear weapons.

Clark said coordinating his team of eight lawyers from the United Kingdom, the United States, Italy and Holland, has been the most complicated process he has ever engaged in, according to nuclear-news.net. He said the team has done a lot of hard work and he was thrilled to be part of it.

Clark, a Rutgers professor for more than 40 years, has played a large role in determining international human rights law and had advocated against nuclear weapons throughout his life, according to Victoria University of Wellington’s website.

He worked to include a course on the international protection of human rights in the law school curriculum, and he helped construct the study of international criminal law and helped launch the International Criminal Court in The Hague, according to the article.

Although it would be difficult to win, Clark said he thinks they have a shot.

“It’s an exciting thing. I think it’s a really important case and, of course, the nomination is for former RMI (Republic of the Marshall Islands) Foreign Minister (Tony) De Brum and the whole team that is working on the case,” he said on Nuclear-news.net.


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