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Make your love interest swoon with ‘Love Potion’


With Valentine’s Day quickly approaching, so are cravings for everything that lists sugar as the first ingredient.  Whether you’re spending this holiday with a significant other or cozying up on the couch watching Nicholas Sparks movies, why not incorporate a “Love Potion” in the mix? This decadent shake will satisfy your love and sugar needs. 

For you lazy folks out there that just "can't deal," the simple ingredients used in the shake will be sure to satisfy your sweet tooth, minus the annoyance. 

With its festive red coloring, these milkshakes are sure to be a hit on Cupid’s Day. Chocolate, cake and ice cream are just a few of the things that top the list of Valentine's Day favorites. Rather than eating the same old, cliche treats, why not use them to create the ultimate “love potion”? Who knows, maybe if you drink one, someone will think you're smoking hot.

What you need:

Chocolate ice cream, milk, red velvet cake mix, whipped cream and NECCO Sweethearts candies as a topping.

"Love Potion" Shake:

3 scoops of vanilla ice cream 

3 tablespoons of red velvet cake mix

4 ounces of milk

Whipped cream 

Sweethearts candy 

How to make it:

To create this lovely drink, simply combine every ingredient, besides the whipped cream and candy, into a blender and blend until smooth. Depending on the consistency you’d like, you can continue to add milk for a thinner shake. Your "Love Potion" will most definitely bring all the boys to the yard.

Bianca Velazquez

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