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Here are 5 manly gifts that will put that box of candy to shame


With Valentine's Day coming up, you struggle with the same question every year. What gift do I get the man in my life? After all, men have the reputation to not be into the holiday itself, which is sappy and exaggerated.

 No matter your price range, things always exist that surpass the typical sports jerseys and power tools.

Grooming kits

Shaving cream, beard oil, a comb or deodorant, you get the point. Every man likes to look and feel good, so there’s nothing wrong with helping him out a little bit.

A night out

When we think of Valentine's Day, we are often filled with images of material things in the form of hearts and baby cupids. A night out can really show your man that you’re not only willing to spend money on him, but time, too. For your information, New York City is only a train ride away, so dinner and a show make for the perfect budget-friendly romantic getaway.


Ties, bow ties, wallets and suspenders. We all need them. Sometimes it can be a little overwhelming to get it all together yourself. Even the most dapper man will appreciate a little styling from his significant other. It shows you care and and that you are interested in the things he loves to.

A vinyl player

A little on the expensive side, but totally worth it. A vinyl holds that cool vintage flare that is so often lost in today’s digital-streaming world. If your man already has a vinyl player, then load him up with records. Production and sales have been steadily rising over the past couple of years. A few of his favorites are sure to have albums out on vinyl.

Honestly, the classics are perfect

Swap out the flowers for some chocolates, and instead of a big teddy bear, get him a body pillow for all the nights you can’t be there to cuddle. Cards can be predictable, but a nice letter or poem letting him know exactly how you feel is the perfect gesture of love.

Eric Weck

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