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5 happy things to do on Valentine’s Day by yourself


Aw, does Saint Valentine have you down with the lonely, black hearts blues? Well, have no fear. Here are the top-five things you and your single girl (or guy) can do without a boo. Throw away those boxes of chocolates, clean out your Kleenex drawer and get pumped for an awesome Valentines Day. Repeat after me: You don't need a partner to have a good time on Valentine's Day.

Go out and find something to do that make you happy

So what if you didn’t have that cutie in your biology class ask you out? Big whoop! You are an amazing individual with so much to offer. So get out there, ignore all the sappy stuff Hallmark is feeding you and have some fun. Life is too short to dwell on things, so why not dwell on the happy things instead.

Eat your heart out!

Grab that box of chocolates I told you to throw out earlier and eat it all. Basically, calories suck and it is like a cardinal sin to eat more than the recommended daily amount when you're a girl. It’s Valentines Day though, so screw calories and everything that has nutritional value. I don’t know about you, but my boyfriend’s name is "Netflix" and "Cookie Dough" that day.

See a movie with your friends

There is another person out there who is willing to be your date on Valentines Day, and that is your pal. If you want to escape from all the romantic stuff this weekend, hide in a dark movie theater and laugh for a few hours to a comedy. Just make sure its not a romance movie, no tears allowed.

Dress your best, but not for another person 

Dress to impress yourself. After all, you go to bed with yourself every night, so I wouldn’t want to piss that person off if I were you.

Ignore that its Valentine's Day

Just because our society is telling you it’s a day full of romance and love doesn’t mean it is, Feb. 14 is just like every other normal day. Do yourself a favor and enjoy the single life while you can. You are only young once, and this is college, so no need to be tied down.

Laura Dengrove

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