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Cabaret Theatre presents 'Rutgers Night Live: Divorce?'


Cabaret Theatre put on three performances for their Valentine’s weekend event, “Rutgers Night Live XII: Divorce?” "Rutgers Night Live" is Cabaret Theatre’s version of the hit NBC sketch comedy show, "Saturday Night Live."

The show was packed with a room full of students and parents, eagerly waiting to enjoy themselves. Not only did the Cabaret staff more than meet the crowd’s expectations, but they also brought some new faces into the RNL cast.

Christopher Michael, a School of the Arts and Sciences first-year student, played some notable roles throughout the evening’s skits. He played roles such as a pretentious doctor who mistreats his elderly patients, a criminal pretending to be cupid, a male stripper and presidential candidate Bernie Sanders.

Michael, in addition to being a new cast member, wrote one the night’s most notable and comical acts of the evening, “Digital Short: Behind the scenes of RNL.” It is a short parody film on how the show was put together, with short interviews of each cast member in a similar fashion to the show, “The Office.”

This lead to some typical RNL controversial action, such as having two actresses being displayed topless. They only had teabags or stickers covering their nipples with hopes of drawing attention to the cast’s support for the "Free the Nipple" movement.

“Cabaret is a pretty inviting environment,” Michael said. “I mean yeah, it can be intimidating doing sketch comedy for the first time in front of a crowd, but then again, all you have to do is keep in mind that these people are coming here to laugh.”

Even though Cabaret was able to show the audience some new faces, they unfortunately are losing some of their veterans of the show. Most notably, they are losing Abid Hassan, their RNL coordinator and School of Arts and Sciences senior. Hassan also had a few words for those who may want to participate in RNL in the future.

“Anyone who’s looking to get involved in theatre literally has to get up and go do it," Hassan said. "You can’t procrastinate or push it off, even though it will be scary if you’ve never done it, but rejection or not you gotta keep going at it if something you want to be a part of.”

Being apart of a group of performers who take pride in having a platform to display their opinions, RNL always takes advantage of keeping their content up to date on the current politics in America.

“We're consciously trying to promote some progressive ideals, but were not trying to attack anyone else though,” Hassan said. “That’s why for the most part, I think our sketches are pretty neutral and we just repeat what actually people have said and done, and we let the audience decide what to think for themselves.”

This time around, the show was more interactive. For example, the skit “Nora The Navigator”, a parody of the show “Dora the Explorer”, was just as participatory as the television show. Silly questions were asked by the host to the audience. The performers were not taking action until hearing necessary commands from the audience, making for a hysterical display.

Despite some technical difficulties with a projector during the course of the evening, the show seemed to run pretty smoothly, and the crowd was more than receptive to watching their peers' performances.

Nick Demarest

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