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WEEK IN REVIEW: Laurels and Darts | Feb. 19, 2016



These people are the backbone of the University. College students are unequivocally slobs, but custodians have been cleaning up after us, and many students don't even think twice about the help they provide. Bus drivers are also crucial employees to this giant university, driving long hours and dealing with the notorious "drunk buses."  Rutgers wouldn't run without its essential staff, which includes custodians and bus drivers. We laurel these employees for the hard work they do for the University every single day.


While the weather on Monday couldn't be likened to Winter Storm Jonas, a considerable amount of snow still fell on campus grounds, causing sleet to accumulate. Walking to class was more like sliding — or ice skating to class. Unfortunately, the snow was bad enough to create dangerous driving conditions and two students were injured as a result of a car accident on Douglass campus. We dart the University for not delaying openings or closing early in times of treacherous weather.


The Transportation Trust Fund (TTF) is a government organization responsible for infrastructure improvements, but now it's running out of money and nothing is being done about it. Our existing infrastructure already isn't at the best shape, so neglecting it further would be equivalent to essentially letting it collapse. We dart state legislatures for putting off the this exigent issue, which needs solving — fast. 


Attending school is more difficult if you have mental or physical disabilities, so it's only right that they receive support to make their experience at the University a little better. There are 1,750 students registered for accommodations the Office of Disability Services provides. We laurel the Office of Disability Services for providing equal access to students, so they can participate in school programs, activities and courses.


When a severe snow storm hit New Jersey, Gov. Chris Christie didn't seem to bat an eyelash. He was briefly here, but immediately returned to New Hampshire to nurture his presidential campaign. Now that he realized he didn't have a chance at the presidency, he came back to his home state. When he spent a significant amount of time out of state, New Jerseyans weren't happy and now that he's back, we don't want him anymore. We dart Christie for not making New Jersey a priority and instead making it a back-up in his political career.


The U.S. Department of State selected Rutgers, for the third consecutive year, to participate in the Mandela Washington Fellowship that's part of President Barack Obama's Young African Leaders Initiative. Budding leaders from Sub-Saharan Africa will be participating a six-week program at the University this summer. We laurel the University for fostering international relationships and committing to a global exchange of ideas. 


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