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WEEK IN REVIEW: Laurels and Darts | Feb. 26, 2016



Sickle cell is a blood disorder where the body doesn't have enough healthy red blood cells to carry adequate oxygen throughout the body. And since there's no cure, two former Scarlet Knights football players created a fundraiser to improve the lives of sickle cell patients. We laurel Rutgers alumni Jason and Devin McCourty for raising funds that go toward scholarships, emergency funds, individual tutoring and social services for young adults with the disorder.


University President Robert L. Barchi received a $97,000 incentive compensation payment and a 2 percent increase in his salary, adding up to $676,260. The Rutgers president was the highest-paid public college president in New Jersey, and the 12th-best compensated in the country during the 2013-2014 academic year. Being president of a large university deserves fair compensation, but $676,260 is a high number for a public official. We dart the Rutgers Board of Governors for their misguided allocation of University funds. 


Rutgers University Dance Marathon is a longstanding tradition that incorporates shaking your body with raising some money. Actually, a lot of money — specifically $692,046.67 just from last year's event. RUDM recently announced it will be changing its format and splitting the 30-hour model into two 12-hour sessions. While the change reduces the endurance standard, we laurel the move for eliminating the cap on the number of dancers and allowing the event to become more accessible.


Looking back at the high-profile incident with Ray Rice, who assaulted his girlfriend in 2014, along with similar incidents, violence against women is not uncommon. Former NFL player Don McPherson is an anti-violence activist, and he came to the University to discuss this type of aggression and the hyper-masculine gender role that promotes this type of violence. We dart the narrow definition of masculinity that encourages aggression because it hurts both men and women. 


Suppose you're walking home, and you're being followed. Using your phone to call for help could appear conspicuous and alert the follower to take drastic moves against you. In that instance, you could now use the Text to the Rutgers University Police Department Pilot Program by texting RUPD and your message to 69050. We laurel RUPD for rolling out astute reforms that provides different methods for students to reach out to them.


Poor Paws is a non-profit organization that pull dogs from high-kill shelters. Shelters often become overcrowded and workers euthanize animals out of necessity. Poor Paws has a had plenty of University students volunteering so far, but there are other college students who recklessly abandon their pets at the end of the semester. We dart the students who keep pets when it's convenient and then leave them in the cold when it's not.


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