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Alpha Gamma Delta opens chapter at Rutgers


Courtesy of Monika Thiel | Alpha Gamma Delta, a national organization with more than 160,000 members, just opened a chapter at Rutgers. The new group hopes to be a welcoming community for University students.

A new sorority has joined the expanding catalog of greek life organizations at Rutgers.

Alpha Gamma Delta, which boasts more than 160,000 members at 182 colleges and universities across the nation, has become the latest sorority to call Rutgers home.

“(Alpha Gamma Delta's) ideals are simple — be there for one another, take care of yourself and those around you, strive to be the best version of yourself and be prepared to make an impact in the smallest of ways," said Jaimie Ware, the sorority's extension manager.  

The sorority is excited to start its Rutgers chapter and is optimistic about the chapter's future, she said.

“Rutgers is an institution highly esteemed in the Big Ten. For years to come, our members will inspire the Rutgers campus and have a lasting impact on the community,” she said.

Members that join now will have the opportunity to become leaders within the group regardless of their school year at Rutgers, she said. Founding members have the opportunity to become the president or vice president of recruitment.

Ware said she hopes that as a member of the greek community, the sorority will bring the mindset of collaboration to Rutgers and contribute new philanthropy events around campus.

“Our new members also have the opportunity to create their own signature philanthropy event. Alpha Gamma Delta has never been on Rutgers’ campus before, so the new members are able to build a legacy from the ground up,” Ware said.

Alpha Gamma Delta looks for various qualities in their prospective members, she said. 

Ambition is highly sought after. If members are ambitious about their careers, their education or their philanthropy they would be welcome. Respect for themselves and their peers is also needed, she said.

“Alpha Gamma Delta always looks toward our newest chapters to be front-runners in best practices," she said. "At our regional training events, and even international convention, our newest chapters are often looked to for innovative ideas and success stories.”

Sorority members Monika Thiel and Nicolette Takach, both School of Arts and Sciences sophomores, joined to make new friends and become part of a community.

"Last semester I had a really tough time socially because of my living situation. I really felt like something was missing, and I couldn't figure out what it was,” Takach said.

Thiel said she felt similarly. As a commuter, she had difficulties becoming involved at the University. Joining a sorority, especially a new one, would provide her with the opportunity to make more friends and help the Rutgers community, she said.

The sorority's newness provided other benefits, Takach said. Because the sorority is a new arrival to the Rutgers campuses, it exists without any prejudice against it, a fact that allows the group to build its own reputation.

“As a member, I hope to bring the best out of the sorority and teach these women what a sisterhood would really be," Thiel said. "We all have the opportunity together to form something that we want Alpha Gamma to be remembered as ... We are trying to make Alpha Gamma the best that it can be.”

One of the best aspects to being part of a new sorority is that all members are different but connected, Takach said. She had doubts about the connections people make in sororities but was proved wrong. She feels joining is the best decision she has made in college.

When she first joined, Takach worried the members would be judgmental. But Takach said she was proven wrong by all of the  different and unique women in Alpha Gamma Delta.

“Surrounding yourself with people who are different (from) you is the best thing you can do for yourself. You always learn something different and become open to things you never thought you would be open to,” Takach said.


Christopher Bohorquez is a School of Arts and Sciences sophomore. He is a contributing writer for The Daily Targum. See more on Twitter @c_bo_sauce.

Christopher Bohorquez

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