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WEEK IN REVIEW: Laurels and Darts | March 25, 2016



About 3.2 billion people live in countries where malaria can thrive, according to the World Health Organization. But also, it's a disease that's likely to affect poorer populations, so Rutgers researchers created a new malaria drug candidate that could be used in impoverished areas around the world. We laurel the creation of the new malaria drug and the innovation of Rutgers researchers.


The temptation to cross the street against traffic signals can be strong. We get impatient when it looks more efficient to walk across the road to the other side when cars aren't coming. But since the Feb. 15 car accident near Cabaret Theater, concerns were raised about the hazards of jaywalking. We dart jaywalkers for increasing the likelihood of accidents that could harm themselves and other people.


As a basketball coach, Steve Pikiell has a history with making really bad teams really good. Right now, that's exactly what our basketball team is — a really bad team. It's painful to say, but we desperately needed change in athletics leadership. Luckily we're finding this change in Pikiell. While we don't agree with his extravagantly high salary, we hope we at least get our money's worth. We laurel the new basketball coach and the auspicious possibilities he brings to the table.


The men's rugby team is facing a suspension for the spring semester for actions that have yet to be disclosed. University athletes cause national headlines with their antics, and being suspended for an entire semester suggests there were some serious violations. We dart the men's rugby team for their lack of responsibility as mature students and as poor representatives of the University.


Because of crippling debt, students constantly share items like food and drinks to save money. College is also a period of finding partners, which one is constantly physically close to. Unfortunately, these are precisely the acts that pass on diseases like meningitis. We laurel Rutgers Health Services for promptly alerting the University about the case of meningitis infection in order to help the community take proper precautions.


The Educational Opportunity Fund serves as a critical support system for low-income students. Those who qualify for EOF come from underrepresented backgrounds, whether economically or racially, and they are also often first-generation college students who are having a difficult time navigating the complex terrain of higher education. We dart Gov. Chris Christie (R-N.J.) for harming this important program that advises and provides financial assistance to students in need.


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