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5 Netflix shows to binge watch over spring break


Spring break is a time when we get a few days to take a pause from all the chaos of the semester. If you aren’t heading to Florida, Cancun or any other tropical destination, you might as well stay at home and binge watch Netflix, while shoving some pizza in your mouth. Here are the top five shows on Netflix to accompany you and your pizza over this glorious spring break.

1. Orange is the New Black 

This is one of the Netflix's top-rated shows. A series filled with drama, humor, mystery and everything that can happen at a women’s prison, it creates the perfect mix for continuous watching. Its moving story lines and well-written script will have you hooked from the very first episode. 

2. Sons of Anarchy 

This is a great show that mixes motorcycles, family ties and business. The responsibilities of running a “clean” motorcycle club can become very difficult to do when an outsider is doing dirty work. Think of this as "Hamlet" if he were to be in a badass motorcycle club. 

3. Archer 

An animated comedy series (with a hint of action) that is just as funny as "Family Guy" or the "Simpsons." Filled with dark humor, the days of an international spy can liven any day. 

4. Friends 

If a throwback is more of what you’re looking for, then the classic 90s series "Friends" is a show definitely worth watching. This show has enough seasons to last a couple of days, and humorous material to keep the laughter coming. The authentic story line touches the audience’s heart with the chemistry between the characters and scenarios they are faced with.

5. Buffy the Vampire Slayer

This is another 90s drama series, but with a much different story line. This one is about a badass, vampire hunter learning the ropes of how to fight supernatural crime one day at a time.

Naomi Rosario

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