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Rutgers student assembly hosts forum for candidates

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Scarlet Knights for You featured Nivedh Rajesh, right, Mohammed Asker and Margaux Taylor at the candidate forum. The three answered questions about their goals if they are elected.

During the first five days of April, students can vote for their representatives in the Rutgers University Student Assembly.

On Tuesday night, representatives from the two main tickets for the upcoming election – Our Rutgers and Scarlet Knights for You (SKY) – participated in a forum to present their goals to the University community. Students were invited to ask questions for the candidates, who also answered questions presented by the host, Murtuza Hussain.

Nivedh Rajesh, a School of Arts and Sciences junior, Mohammed Asker, a School of Engineering sophomore, and Margaux Taylor, a School of Arts and Sciences sophomore, represented SKY. Justin Schulberg, a School of Arts and Sciences junior, Evan Covello, an Edward J. Bloustein School of Planning and Public Policy sophomore, and Shannon Chang, a Rutgers Business School sophomore, represented Our Rutgers.

Hussain, a School of Arts and Sciences senior, said the each of the candidates responded well to the questions.

The campaign period will end on March 31, said Ross Teicher, a School of Arts and Sciences senior. Teicher is the election chair for this year.

The forum is intended to help the candidates speak directly to students, he said.

“I’m hoping that any questions that anybody may have with regards to specifics will be asked,” he said. “We have questions as well. In my opinion, they’re very hard, I think it’ll be interesting (and that) we’ll get tangible answers.”

After an opening set of general questions inviting the candidates to discuss how they met their ticket members and what they thought to be the largest issue to face Rutgers is, Hussain asked specific questions analyzing the candidates’ attendance records, voting history and prior performance in RUSA.

Not all of the candidates running for positions within RUSA were present.

“There are some independent candidates who are running on their own ticket,” Hussain said. “The top three (from the two main tickets) are the ones we saw today. Hopefully next year we can include (more candidates) but this year we couldn’t.”

While RUSA is trying to host an event for these third-party candidates, he said there may not be enough time.

Beginning April 1, Teicher said the general student body can vote for candidates through a link that will be shared on that day.

“They’re two very good tickets with three very competent candidates with strong standpoints and opinions as to how the student government should be run and approached,” Teicher said.

Nikhilesh De

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