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Feeling invincible over spring break? Be cautious as well

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Ah spring break, the smell of alcohol, sunscreen and vape smoke is practically filling the air at the mere thought of it. For those staying in New Jersey this spring break, having fun in the clouds or lukewarm weather, you must keep a level head about all the spring break fun. 

We’ve all been there — where you want to just let loose and party, especially after a midterm just kicked your ass into next semester. While the partying and alcoholic beverages that will be thrown your way are enticing, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be weary of it all.

We have all heard the horror stories of spiked drinks, alcohol poisoning and other threats that may wander your way during this fateful week. Don’t think you are immune to the effects of alcohol or worse, predators that may wander your way during spring break.

Jessica Villeza, a School of Nursing sophomore, talked a bit about the horrific fears of spring break that are commonly mentioned. Unfortunately, few actually fear it will happen to them.

“A terrible thought has crossed my mind on the fears of spring break that I feel few forget to mention, when it should be talked about a lot more especially at Rutgers," Villeza said. "With the rape culture so prominent in our society, I’m always fearful of what is in that drink that is passed along to others, especially during wild spring break vacations. People often forget to check what is being given to them, so if there was ever a real fear to worry about while on spring break, I believe it to be that.”

While it feels as if spiked drinks and other predatory activities are talked about a lot, it is common to think it'll happen to you or someone you know. But it's better safe than sorry, so to avoid any trauma, please grab your own beverage and drink responsibly.

Under the lines of drinking responsibly, the idea of alcohol poisoning is also one people should fear before asking for that next round of Fireball shots. Yes, you only live once, but don’t waste it by being wasted after one too many shots after your “buddy” dared you to take another.

Alcohol poisoning is a real thing and can happen to anyone if you aren’t careful. To dodge this, bring a flask of water with you instead of Patrón Tequila and stay hydrated. It may be the difference between taking a trip to Miami Beach or a trip to the hospital.

Victoria Sharp, a School of Nursing sophomore, thinks spring break isn’t all doom and gloom. It can be one of the best times of your college career if you are smart about it. 

“Spring Break is amazing, it's what most of us look forward to, but my friends and I wont be a statistic of the spring break horror stories that get bounced around every year," Sharp said. "We want to, as Rick from Rick and Morty says, 'Get Schwifty,' but we don’t want to get hurt while doing so. We are all just trying to have fun, but we know to stay smart about it.”

Most Rutgers students agree that while fun in the sun can be intoxicating, and sound even better while intoxicated, it's always better to remind yourself what that fun may entail. No one is saying to lose all notions of fun and be weary of every single thing that comes your way, but be smart, and remember that with every action there is a reaction. You don’t want to end up being a terrible statistic, so stay smart and have fun. 

You go to Rutgers, so we know you have a noggin. Just remember to use it when you down that first shot of Fireball on a beach somewhere.

Laura Dengrove

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