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LETTER: Trump’s language shows worst form of racist fear mongering


To The Editor:

As a Chinese exchange student majoring in journalism at Rutgers, I have taken a keen interest in the presidential aspirations of Donald Trump. If racial hatred is one of the greatest threats to the United States, I believe it's Donald Trump who is promoting it. He seems to speak for everyone who hates President Barack Obama.

I believe that Trump’s candidacy is an insult to Obama’s legacy of inclusion, tolerance and civility. By openly flirting with the Ku Klux Klan, Trump represents the worst form of fear-mongering. The fact that this man of fabulous wealth and privilege has become the embodiment of anti-establishment thinking is the ultimate irony and paradox.

As Brent Staples, of The New York Times recently wrote, “Every era of racial progress engenders a racist backlash.” Trump seems to want to return America to the Reconstruction era after the Civil War. He has created the ultimate trump card for his messages against Muslims, immigrants and people of color. Protesters at his rallies have been subjected to violence and intimidation, which Eric Foner calls a form of a “homegrown American terrorism," as it is mentioned in Staples's article.

Politics is supposed to be about the art of compromise. Yet there is no evidence to suggest that Trump believes in mediation or reconciliation. If he is indeed the face of so-called “white anxiety,” what kind of dialogue can we possibly expect with #BlackLivesMatter? His candidacy has already invited scorn internationally. The possibility that he could become the face of this great nation is a chilling thought.

Junyi Liang is a School of Arts and Sciences junior majoring in journalism and media studies.


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Junyi Liang

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