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WEEK IN REVIEW: Laurels and Darts | April 8, 2016



Furry little dogs are not only fun to play with, but they can help people destress and can work with people with disabilities. Seeing-eye dogs are frequently spotted on campus, but few are aware of the Companion Animal Club that trains animals to aid humans with disabilities. The dogs are trained to help humans with a variety of problems, from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) to autism. We laurel the humans who volunteer their time to train the dogs and also the lovable creatures who help humans in need.


Human beings will not have a future if climate change remains unaddressed. Rutgers scientists found that Greenland's ice is melting. Evidence suggests that the rapidly warming Arctic Ocean, along with Greenland melting, will affect billions of people in the northern hemisphere. We dart the lack of urgency in the attempt to reduce emissions of greenhouse gases, because at this rate we will see more frequent and extreme weather patterns precarious to human life.


Even for native speakers, English is a tricky language: It still might not be perfect after years of growing up in America (or other English-speaking country). Immigrants coming into the United States with a native language other than English have trouble grasping it's complex grammar and syntax, so the New Brunswick Free Public Library has a program to help assist with that. We laurel the library's ESL conversation cafes, helped run by Rutgers students and local residents.


Rutgers is a public institution, but almost by name only, said Sherry Wolf, AAUP-AFT's lead organizer. A panel from the event, "Know Where Your Money Goes: Neoliberalization and Corporatization of the University," shed light on how diminished public investments calls for a greater need of private support for higher education, but private investments have done little to slow rising tuition costs and increasing debt figures. We dart the neoliberalization of universities that puts profit above everything else.


In order to increase the representation of women in the information technology and informatics (ITI) field, a major in the School of Communications and Information, the Women in ITI (WITI) program aims to provide a sense of community and networking opportunities to students. Although WITI's mission is to recruit and maintain women in the field, it's open to all genders. We laurel the program for fostering an inclusive community within the ITI field.


The current national debt is now more than $19 trillion, and to pay this off everyone would have to pay $59,000, and that's everyone including citizens who don't pay taxes. There are three ways to eliminate debt — defaulting on government debt, cutting all government debt and closing tax loopholes. We can't default on government debt, and if we cut off all government spending then that would render the government useless. Closing tax loopholes corporations is a good place to start ameliorating the national debt, and we dart the fact that it has not yet happened.

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