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New Jersey named best state in nation for food


New Jersey was named the most edible state in the U.S. by Saveur magazine, and it is dedicating a whole month on the state's special cuisine.

The Garden State is described as being the most edible state in America and is described as having a food culture more rich, diverse and passionate than states like California and New York, said Saveur writer Max Falkowitz.

“The story of New Jersey food is the story of America writ small, an intractable tangle of hometown heroes and foreign traditions,” Falkowitz said. “Jersey cuisine is uniquely Jersey yet also from everywhere.”

Saveur's writers have been going all around New Jersey to eat at different venues around the state.

Saveur reviewed Harold’s New York Deli in Edison. RU Hungry? is also mentioned and the article discusses the fat sandwich and how it can only be found at Rutgers.

Saveur talks about how diverse the food is in New Jersey and has written articles about everything from diners and delis to Indian food places.

Jaclyn Handwerger, a School of Environmental and Biological Sciences senior, said one of her favorite foods to eat is pizza and wings, though she also likes the Fountainbleau Diner in South Plainfield is a diner she likes to go to in her town.

“From high school I would go after like prom and things like that. It’s just our tradition I guess,” she said.

Danielle Finnegan, a School of Arts and Sciences junior, said one of her favorite things to eat is sushi, which she likes because it is light and refreshing. Her favorite place to get sushi is in her hometown of Jackson.

Finnegan said there is a lot of diversity in New Jersey and that it really shows in the food choices that is offered.

“I think there’s a lot of diverse culture in New Jersey from people from all over since we are so close to New York,” she said. “There’s definitely a lot of different foods you can get in New Jersey.”

Christopher Bohorquez is a School of Arts and Sciences sophomore. He is a staff writer for The Daily Targum. See more on Twitter @c_bo_sauce.

Christopher Bohorquez

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