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Future nuclear engineer reflects on time at Rutgers

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Tiffany Kingsley will work as a civilian contractor with the United States Navy in their nuclear engineering division.

While nuclear engineering is not a program offered at Rutgers, one engineering student will soon be doing just that with the United States Navy.

Tiffany Kingsley, a biomedical engineering senior, will be a civilian contractor at Naval Station Norfolk in Virginia after graduating on May 15.

“It’s really exciting something that’s pretty cool,” she said.

Kingsley applied to the position after seeing representatives at a University career fair last year.

“I went up to them and said ‘hey, what kind of opportunities do you have for biomedical engineers?’” she said. “They told me about the things they do (and) told me to apply. I did and I heard back in October and … I’ve been pretty set all year.”

The soon-to-be graduate will go to an orientation program in July for two months before being assigned to her permanent department later, Kingsley said.

Though she specialized in one field of engineering during her time at Rutgers, her skills can be applied to the radically different parts of her new job, Kingsley said.

“I’m a biomedical engineer but I’ve loved the electrical aspect of (engineering). Everything I’ve learned is going to translate over to what I’m going to be doing in Virginia,” she said. “I’m excited to use what I’ve learned in a real-world setting.”

Kingsley attributed her internships and the programs she was part of during her undergraduate days as parts of her success. One of these programs was the Douglass Residential College, while another partnered her with industry mentors.

“I not only formed incredible relationships with the women that I worked with, (but) they also taught me a lot of skills,” she said.

Her mentors encouraged her to apply to PSE&G, where she began making connections with potential employers.

Her time as an undergraduate was not solely spent on studying though, Kingsley said. She advises other students to take advantage of the different resources Rutgers offers from academic help to the social aspects at the school.

“Definitely go out and look for things, join clubs because it forms a good foundation (for you) and not only that, but those are the people you could be working with after college,” she said. “I was part of the rock climbing team, so being able to compete with my friends was pretty great.”

The number of groups at Rutgers means virtually every student can find something they are interested in. Taking time off to relax helps as well.

“Something else I would tell undergraduates, do spring break one year. Get a bunch of your friends together and do something fun,” she said. “Make the most of (college) — you want to study but you also want to go out there and take advantage of the opportunities that you have.”

Nikhilesh De is a School of Engineering junior. He is the news editor of The Daily Targum. Follow him on Twitter @nikhileshde for more.

Nikhilesh De

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