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Fans launch ticket exchange for Rutgers athletic events

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Rutgers has partnered with ticket agency Tix City to create a fan ticket exchange for Athletic games. 

The stress and last minute Facebook posts that come with selling and buying tickets to Rutgers sports game can finally be avoided with Rutgers Fan Exchange, a new way to buy or sell tickets to University sporting events.

Rutgers has partnered with ticket agency Tix City to create this service, which is open to everyone, not just Rutgers students, said Lon Belvin, the co-founder of Tix City.

Season ticket holders who want to sell their single game tickets or those who have extra tickets can take advantage of this service, he said. Student tickets are not allowed to be sold, as they are not supposed to be transferable.

“Register for the site and it’s a very easy walk-through. If you’re a season ticket holder or you have extra tickets for the game you could list them there," he said. "It gets broadcasted to anybody who signs up and anyone who goes on there, and they can buy and sell."

A seller can list multiple tickets at any price, including a seller’s fee, according to the Rutgers Fan Exchange website. When a buyer purchases a ticket, which includes a buyer’s fee, it can be mailed or emailed. Buyers can also pick up their tickets at High Point Solutions Stadium.

Tix City is a company that buys and resells tickets for sporting and entertainment events from people, according to their website. Since its establishment in 1999, it has grown into one of the leading marketplaces for buying tickets in the industry. The goal of Tix City is to offer the lowest prices for the best seats.

This is the first time the University has made a partnership with a ticket agency within the last couple of years, Belvin said.

“They had a deal once with StubHub that went by the wayside about five or six years ago. We built this exchange exclusively for Rutgers,” he said.

The service is going to benefit Rutgers Athletics, Belvin said.

“We do split the fees with Rutgers, (and) it also gives them the analytics that they don’t get from the other companies. It works the same exact way as StubHub. There’s a buy fee and there’s a sell fee and those fees are split,” he said.

The service would be helpful to students who do not have student tickets and need one to attend a game, said Michael Bandola, a School of Arts and Sciences senior.

The service will allow Rutgers to branch out and profit, Vishal Saini, a Rutgers Business School senior, said.

“It’s cool because students who don’t go to the school get more insight, and they can be part of the school from buying off our website,” he said. “Any type of way to bring more people to Rutgers and be big on Rutgers with our sporting events, I’m with it."

Christopher Bohorquez is a School of Arts and Sciences sophomore. He is a staff writer for The Daily Targum. See more on Twitter @c_bo_sauce.

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Christopher Bohorquez

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