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Following graduation, Rutgers students find employment within the University

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Photo Illustration | Nearly 5,000 seniors responded to survey questions about their future employment plans in 2015. Rutgers was named as the largest employer, with 92 students coming back to the University to work full-time.

There is no clear path students take after graduating from college, but according to a 2015 study of 4,523 seniors by Career Services, the University is the top employer of Rutgers graduates. 

About 92 respondents to the survey, representing a plurality, said they were being employed by Rutgers. 

This is less than the 267 students from last year but the final six month data collection is not yet completed, said William Jones, senior director at University Career Services. 

Jones said Rutgers typically hires former students because during their academic years, many students obtain internships within the school.

“Approximately 40 percent of all Rutgers University graduates reported that their work experience … while in school contributed to their full-time position," he said.

With Rutgers being the main destination for students seeking internships and co-ops, it makes sense that the University is the top employer for alumni, Jones said. 

Rutgers hires both graduate and undergraduate students, but the top two positions of employment — research assistant and part-time lecturer — both require graduate degrees.

Students can find job openings available at the University at jobs.rutgers.edu.

The study also took a look at students who are planning on continuing their education. 

By a large majority, most graduates are enrolled for graduate work at the Rutgers—New Brunswick campus.

Nicholas Santuccio, a Rutgers Business School junior, has an internship at a law firm right outside of New Brunswick. 

"It is good to not be too far and still gain experience," he said. 

Prominent Universities also appear on the list of colleges that Rutgers graduates are moving on to, including Columbia University, New York University and Cornell University. According to the Career Service's post-graduation survey results, 9 percent of respondents were aiming to continue their education.

Most of the respondents were also involved with some form of engineering, the top two being chemical and biomedical engineering. 

It’s "cool to know" that Rutgers students are planning to attend Ivy League schools, said Nicholas Provenzano, a School of Art and Science junior, who plans to attend a top-tier school after graduating.

The study was divided into multiple sections, with the first part dealing with general post-graduation information and asking whether students are employed, planning on continuing education, participating in some form of volunteer service, joining the military or seeking employment.

The survey also asked a follow-up question on whether their post-graduation activity was their first choice in order to gauge student satisfaction with post-graduation life.

The second part of the study provided insight into how and where Rutgers graduates are volunteering or being employed. Factors of the second section included: how many interviews the graduates had before finding employment, if their degree was useful in obtaining the job and where the company is located. 

Experience at Rutgers comprised the fourth and final part of the study, including how students were involved both on or off campus. 

The survey asked students if they had internships, were involved with clubs or participated in a study abroad program. It also asked where students participated in a co-op or internship, with Rutgers University being the top destination by a large margin.

More specifics relating to the internship providing academic credit or if it was paid were addressed in the survey. The survey also provides specifics based upon school that the student is enrolled in, their major, their degree level and whether they are international or domestic students.

Daniel MacLane is a School of Arts of Sciences junior majoring in political science. He is a contributing writer at The Daily Targum.

Daniel MacLane

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