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Students produce Rutgers-themed rap song


Courtesy of Kennedy Hart | School of Arts and Sciences senior Kennedy Hart created an anthem for Rutgers fans, with input from Rutgers administrators and help from fellow students.

Every student at Rutgers is familiar with "On the Banks of the Old Raritan," the school's alma mater, but a few musicians hope to modernize University music tastes with "The Official Rutgers Anthem," a rap song created by School of Arts and Sciences senior Kennedy Hart.

You can listen to the song below: 

Hart has always been a music person, he said. Rapping for fun is something he has done his whole life.

“On my Facebook page I would put out a lot of videos,” he said. 

Hart made one video about his computer not working and incorporated the song "Work" by Rihanna in it. 

“I was like work, work, work, this computer doesn’t work work work,” Hart said.

People really liked the songs that they can relate to, Hart said, which is when he realized he should release a song relating to Rutgers.

“I wanted to make a song that was raw, but still inspirational, and relatable to people our age, even people younger,” Hart said. “I wanted to make sure it was appropriate for all ages, and still be raw and authentic.”

The song also features a female vocalist Sara Sayed, a School of Environmental and Biological Sciences junior, who is inspired by Rihanna.

Hart and Sayed met through school events, and were interested in working together to create a song.

"A year ago, he messaged me telling me about the idea and I absolutely loved it,” Sayed said. “The first draft of the lyrics have come a long way.”

Hart wanted the song to capture a general audience even outside of Rutgers, he said. 

The song took a long time to finish because Hart wanted to make sure the song was perfect before being released.

“Because of our different schedules, it took a really long time,” Sayed said. “It has been over a year now that we’ve been trying to do this.”

Hart is a perfectionist, Sayed said, which is why it took so long to have the song released. 

“For my vision of the song, I really wanted it to be huge,” Hart said. “I want it to be a big deal, and I knew for it to be a big deal I had to be very careful in how I go about it as far as the lyrics, and the production.”

The song that can be heard today is not the original version, Hart said.

He previewed the song for some Rutgers officials, who liked it but had concerns about certain lyrics, he said.

These lyrics in the song were changed because officials did not want the song earning negative publicity for the school and song writers. 

“I realized that after hearing what they said the new version I created was way better than I had originally,” said Hart.

There were a total of three rewrites to the song, Hart said. Hart said he found the beat on YouTube and asked permission from producer Cashmere Royal to use it.

Currently, the song is on SoundCloud and iTunes. Hart and Sayed are working on a music video promoting the song in hopes increasing its exposure.

The track was recorded at the house of Daniel Toth, one of the main producers of the song, and also a School of Engineering first-year student. He recorded, mixed and mastered the song.

“He has a distinct, catchy voice and the production was really nicely done,” said Mallory Nathan, a School of Arts and Sciences senior. “There was a lot of pride in the lyrics that got me pumped up.”

Nathan said she could definitely see this song being popular at Rutgers.

“As I listened I kept picturing a commercial for the school during it,” she said. “It would be perfect for new student orientations and at sports games.”

Christopher Bohorquez is a School of Arts and Sciences junior. He is a staff writer for The Daily Targum.

Christopher Bohorquez

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