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Detox from syllabus week by getting your life in order


Autumn is coming, and Rutgers — New Brunswick is ready. This past weekend the Scarlet Knights defeated Howard in the first home football game of the season, the closing of add/drop has officially locked us into our academic schedules and students have begun sporting flannels to class. Yet, as one chapter begins, another must end. The dawn of the real fall semester means some of the school year’s most magical days are through, and it’s time to kiss sweet syllabus week goodbye. Here’s a cheat sheet for how to get your life back on track and to jump start all the successes heading your way.

Clean your room

It’s ten minutes before lecture, do you know where your laptop charger is? The next time you find a free hour or two, give your room a five-star deep clean. Take out the trash, throw that laundry in the wash already and Clorox anything that looks suspicious. 

Pack up for class in advance

The struggle is painfully real when you step foot on another campus for a busy day of classes, only to realize that you forgot to bring what you need. Make a point to skim over your schedule when heading out for more than a few hours to ensure that every last calculator, iClicker and notebook comes along with you.

Detox your diet

If you are what you eat, make it something good. Odds are high that your initial back to school diet was centered around late night pizza and bagel-laden breakfasts, so bounce back from the seven-day carb party by saying yes to more nutritious choices like vegetables and lean proteins. Bonus points for carrying around a water bottle.


As if the gyms on every campus and round-the-clock facility hours were excuses to not hit the gym — Flex Passes are now free for all students. Whether you identify as an endorphin-holic or couch potato, sneaking a little more activity into your day is never something to feel guilty about. Wake up early to squeeze in a workout, or walk to class instead of catching a ride. The most important thing is to make it happen.

Prioritize academics

Catch up on any work that you may have fell behind on through the hazy, lazy and crazy days of settling in by getting on track with the deadlines, due dates and assignments for the rest of the semester. If failing to plan is planning to fail, efficient organization is simply warming up to win.

 Ask for help

They call it schoolwork for a reason, but there is no reason to academically suffer if you feel like you're drowning. Seek out advice from the professor or academic advisor— the sooner the better.

 Get involved right now

Have you always wondered what Greek life was really like or thought about studying abroad? Time flies around here, so make it a priority to immerse yourself in whatever tickles your fancy. September is prime time for the initial meetings of clubs and activities, so be sure to sign up while you still can.

Keep a consistent schedule

While the collegiate lifestyle does not typically provide grounds for the most stable agenda, focus on the basics rather than winging it everyday. Getting enough sleep, waking up at roughly the same time everyday and carving out room for your interests is a sure plan to keep yourself a happy camper.

 Think ahead

Whether you are itching to be accepted into your dream major or score a cool internship for next semester, make your dreams happen by laying out a plan of action now. After all, there’s no time like the present.

Janine Puhak

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