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WEEK IN REVIEW: Laurels and Darts | Sept. 16, 2016



The Division of Student Affairs wants students to get off their butts and work out. Flex Passes are free for the year, and the monetary barrier to taking fun classes like pilates, yoga and spin is now gone. Gone are the days of awkwardly trying to utilize the gym's equipment (Do you push? Pull? Are you even sitting on the thing the right way?) because the classes have instructors that can give you personalized attention. We laurel the accessible classes and hope that students put this newfound resource to good use.


It's way too early in the semester for this kind of drama to happen — but it wouldn't be Rutgers if we actually had an easy start to the semester. About 90 of the University's Cook campus and Douglass campus buildings experienced power outages on Tuesday and Wednesday, including residence halls. While we know that University facilities are working very hard to address this problem, the fact that 3,000 students had to uproot their lives and sleep in recreation centers is unfortunate. We dart this awful situation and the pesky outages.


Most students are already aware that there were a few meningitis cases in New Brunswick, and after the aggressive campaign by the University Health facilities, it is widely understood that meningitis is fatal and that its effects can be mitigated by taking a vaccine. Health clinics have popped up as a response to the issue, making receiving the vaccine convenient and accessible. We laurel the Student Health Services for caring about our well-being. 


A student apparently climbed the Starbucks attached to the Yard, the new apartments on the College Avenue campus, and — surprise, surprise — the person sustained some injuries. There was limited information regarding the context of this event, the reason for the escapade, the extent of the person's injuries and the penalty for the act. What we do know is that this is one of those stories that give Rutgers students a bad name. Don't climb tall buildings, kids. We dart this person for thinking he or she was invincible.


There is a hidden gem in New Brunswick, and it needs to be recognized and appreciated: the New Brunswick Free Public Library. This beautiful building situated on Livingston Avenue of downtown New Brunswick is hidden from the regular college student who doesn’t veer off University campus. We laurel the library for holding events and activities for children in New Brunswick and serving as a wonderful study space if the Rutgers libraries become too crowded.


A University employee called the Rutgers University Police Department (RUPD) about a sick bird, and the police officer who came by thought that the best way to help the bird was to step on its neck or shoot a bullet through it. On top of that, the officer tried to conduct a criminal background check and a warrant search on the employee (so much for good attempting to do a good deed on employee's part.) This was a minor situation that had gone awry, and we dart that police officer for his way of handling problems.

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