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EDITORIAL: Don’t you dare try to attack my 19th

Some Trump supporters want to repeal women’s right to vote


A presidential nominee should be breaking glass ceilings with progressive policies and innovative ideas. He or she should be taking the policies of the past and finding ways to build and improve on them, remembering to maintain the foundation of America’s values of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Donald Trump and his supporters have obviously missed the memo.

FiveThirtyEight, a website that uses opinion poll analysis to speak about politics, released a thought experiment in which they tried to determine what the electoral voting polls would look like if only one of each gender was to vote. The results showed that if only women were allowed to vote, Clinton would win electoral votes 458-80, whereas if only men were allowed to vote Trump would win 350-188. At first, Trump supporters ignored the actual details of the graph and jumped to the conclusion that Trump had a surge in the actual polls. But mere ignorance was not the biggest offense in this situation. The scariest part of this experiment, aside from the fact that FiveThirtyEight felt the need to even show a hypothetical involving segregating the genders, was the response that erupted afterwards.

Trump supporters took their opinions to Twitter and a #repealthe19th became trending. In case you didn’t know, the “19th” that Trump’s supporters were referring to is the 19th amendment, the one that finally allowed women to vote in the U.S. after over a hundred years of the nation’s existence. The most disturbing part? Women were supporting this. A stream of tweets from female Trump supporters included statements such as “I would gladly waive my right to vote to solidify the win!” and “I would give up my right to vote to make this happen.” Are you kidding me?

As if Donald Trump had not made it any clearer in his disgusting admittance to sexually assaulting women that he is not a champion for women’s rights, this disconcerting hashtag solidifies how backwards he and the entirety of his supporters are.

Trump’s supporters looked at a graph that showed that women were more supportive of Clinton, and rather than asking themselves why women were not voting for him and what he could do to change this, they clung to their first amendment right and called to repeal the nineteenth. However, it is not the actual repealing of the amendment that induces fear, for the hope is that the government would not take an action that idiotic. Rather, it is the thought behind the hashtag and the fact that people who are supportive of him, men and women alike, are willing to dismantle the progress that this nation has mad and revert back to unconstitutional methods of voter suppression. If you want to demolish almost century’s worth of women’s suffrage to support a man who has referred to other women as “fat slobs” and “pigs,” then that’s on you, but how dare you attempt to take away women’s rights to vote? In what direction is this country heading?

This is not the first time where Donald Trump has demonstrated his desire to reverse progressive values that have taken years to overcome. He lives his life adhering to ideals that are representative of America pre 1920s. Even in terms of parenting, Donald Trump has stated that he “does not like kids” and does not change diapers but would provide money for them and also made it a point to state that doing so is representative of “the husband act(ing) like a wife.” This is the man that “Trump for Women” are advocating. This is the presidential nominee and there has never been a scarier realization.

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