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Ditch your typical brew, try these spooky concoctions


This Halloween you and your friends deserve some fun cocktails. These two recipes are super simple — neither takes more than five minutes to prepare, and they both have only three ingredients. Best of all, our recipes for "HalloWine Sangria" and "Witch’s Brew" will make the perfect accessories for your Halloween costume.

Apple Cider HalloWine Sangria Recipe

If you’re looking for an easy drink for Halloween, this is it. This apple cider sangria only uses three ingredients and takes about five minutes to make, so it’s super simple to whip up when you’re short on cash and time. Make it for you and your friends before you go out for Halloween and I promise that everyone will feel festive and tipsy. The recipe will serve about 4-6 people depending on how thirsty you are.

If you want to get really fancy you can serve the apple cider in a glass with a cinnamon stick — happy fall.


1 bottle of white wine

32 oz apple cider

2 sliced or diced apples


1. Slice or dice your apples and put in a pitcher.

2. Pour the bottle of wine into a pitcher.

3. Pour in about 32 oz of apple cider, or more sweeten to taste.

4. Allow it to sit in the fridge for at least 3 hours so the fruit can get all boozy and the booze can get all fruity.

Witch’s Brew Recipe

I’m not going to lie to you, this is just a Screwdriver (you can never go wrong with OJ & vodka). It’s a ~spooky~ Screwdriver though because we added gummy worms and made it look like a witch’s potion. Et Voila — you have a super simple, Halloween-appropriate cocktail.


8 oz orange juice

1 shot vodka

Bag of gummy worms


1. Stir together orange juice and vodka in a glass.

2. Add some gummy worms to the drink and use the rest to garnish the glass. Cut little slits in the worms and use them to sit them on the edge of the glass.

Julia Terranova

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