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Forget about plain old math, engage in bone digging


Nearly six weeks deep into the fall semester you should certainly know if your current round-up of classes is the perfect fit or if it has you yearning to quit. Since the calendar for Spring 2017 classes were released this week, I decided to take action by thinking big. Whether your remaining academic years at Rutgers are mapped out flawlessly or you are suffering a mid-semester identity crisis, we got our hands dirty and combed through the School of Arts and Science’s comprehensive catalogs. We aimed to find the hippest, coolest, most off the grid, best-kept secret majors and minors. 

Both in and out of the classroom, time truly flies here on the Banks. When you love what you study, all those hours in the library don't seem so bad after all. Keep on reading if you want to find out some rad majors.

American Studies

There’s no way you could not love this interdisciplinary department’s small class sizes and focused courses, exploring topics in American culture such as folklore, the arts, religion and ethnicity, as well as the ever-famous Bruce Springsteen class.


The B.A. program in dance through the high-ranked Mason Gross School of the Arts allows students to wed the liberal arts experience with the study of dance, whether their passion is history, teaching or performing. Lace up those ballet slippers because auditions are required.


Through investigating the ever-evolving relationship between humans and planet Earth, students of this discipline become experts on both local and global environmental matters of nature, society, law, conservationist management and international issues by studying the nations of the world. Field trip anyone?

Social Work

Undergraduates prepare to solve social problems and support individuals, families and the communities seeking to grow stronger through studying at the School of Social Work. By setting out into diverse and vulnerable environments in aims of promoting economic and social justice, students learn how to sow the seeds for a better tomorrow.

Sports Journalism

 A specialization in the School of Communication and Information's journalism and media studies, this track is a smart choice for any budding writers eager to make a splash in this increasingly growing field. Perfect your game through classes in writing, broadcasting and critical ethics specific to the world of athletics itself.

Did you think it all stops at majors? Guess again — there are even more #lit minors.  


Embrace your inner earth child with classes on grain crops, fruit production and plant pathology.

Animal Science

Yes, you really get class credit for befriending and studying the adorable farm animals of Cook Douglass — I mean, who doesn't want to pet some farm animals? I call dibs on milking the cow. 

Creative Writing

You’ll never know if your long, brewing novel idea is the next Harry Potter until you take a pen to paper and try it.

Gender and Media Studies

Analyze the relationship between power inequalities and gender in the modern media while sharpening critical thinking skills and learning methods to improve the current media climate, too.

Health and Society

Housed in the Department of Sociology, this new minor provides the ideal lens for future medical professionals to study the newest scientific advances in physical and mental health.

International and Global Studies

Grasp an understanding of global procedures and ties between nations upon investigating the challenges of the 21st century, human differences and social justice


At last, here’s your chance to finally perfect your Arabic, Greek, Hindi, Korean, Portuguese or Swahili. In an increasingly globalized world, knowledge of multiple languages is sure to compliment and advance any intended career path.


Learn more about the climate, atmosphere and weather forecasting while getting your outer space fix at the same time. Maybe you'll learn about aliens if you're lucky.


If you are what you eat, then an academic exploration of nourishment and health is simply a savvy choice for a balanced lifestyle.

Social Justice

Advocates and activists will be delighted in the examination of subjects such as inequality, marginalization and socioeconomic policy in a global sense.


This minor is more exciting than it sounds. There are archaeology courses — there’s nothing quite like digging up some bones  to make some bank. 

Majors and minors never sounded so neat, eh?  There’s no need to dread school if you study something that you actually think is cool. Now there’s no problem figuring that out — you’re welcome. 

Janine Puhak

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