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Brower staff start petition to stop manager from being transferred

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Mark Gulick, a manager at Neilson Dining Hall, was transferred out of the Brower Dining Commons on Monday, but employees at the facility say he needs to return.

More than 80 members of the Brower Dining Commons staff signed a petition in hopes of preventing a beloved manager of the facility from being transferred.

Mark Gulick, a manager in Brower Commons, was transferred to Neilson Dining Hall on Nov. 7, said Caroline Gillian, an employee at the facility. The kitchen staff was not told why he was being transferred, only that the decision was already finalized when the staff found out earlier in the month.

“You could have five or 10 different managers in the building, but everyone goes straight to Mark Gulick, because he’s the one that helps us,” Gillian said.

Gillian said that after Gulick leaves, she feels there will be no one to go to.

“He is the only manager that is 100 percent for (the kitchen staff). You don’t get many managers who are for us. He’s not a pushover or anything. He’s a good manager. But he is 100 percent for us,” Gillian said.

Gillian described Gulick as a hands-on manager who does not hesitate to jump behind the line or do dishes.

Transferring Gulick is not going to help the dining hall as a whole because Gulick maintains the facility, said employee Alma Carralles.

“I just hope that someone hears us,” Carralles said. “I hope management hears us and sees that this is a bad move for the dining hall.”

Arguments between employees at the workplace have been reduced under the guidance of Gulick, Gillian said.

Gillian said the management at Brower Commons is not putting the staff first. If the management can see that having Gulick has a manager is benefiting them, transferring him is nonsensical.

“This is employees talking from their heart,” Gillian said. “This is how much this man is truly loved. He is an awesome manager, and you don’t get that often. There can be 15 or 20 other managers, but there will never be a Mark Gulick.”

Gillian said that Gulick treats everyone equally, and tries to help every employee fairly, even those who might have limited English proficiency.

“Please let us keep (Gulick),” Gillian said. “Brower needs him desperately.”

Rutgers Dining Services did not respond to a request for comment by press time.

Chloe Dopico is a School of Arts and Sciences sophomore majoring in political science and journalism and media studies. She is a staff writer for The Daily Targum.

Chloe Dopico

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